Cardinal Wuerl delivers outstanding homily in support of embattled Newman Center chaplain

Tonight I was proud to witness Washington Archbishop Donald Cardinal Wuerl deliver an outstanding defense of Father Greg Shaffer, the George Washington University Newman Center chaplain whom gay-rights activists are seeking to have removed for upholding Catholic teaching on homosexual acts. The defense came within a homily at a 7:30 p.m. student Mass that Wuerl [Read More...]

Benedict and the Bible: The importance of the Greek Old Testament for the Pope Emeritus’s theology

What has Athens to do with Jerusalem? You can find out today in Homiletic & Pastoral Review, which features my article “The Septuagint in the Theology of Joseph Ratzinger/Pope Benedict XVI”: A review of Joseph Ratzinger/Pope Benedict’s writings on the Septuagint reveals that he does not see the translation’s importance as being confined to the past. [Read More...]

An evil not even tolerated among the pagans

From an e-mail I sent today to one of my closest friends, who is concerned that I am causing unnecessary division by castigating fellow Catholics who turn a blind eye to antisemitism in the traditionalist community: I would like to ask you to prayerfully reflect upon your concern that I am being divisive. You had [Read More...]

UPDATED: Traditionalists’ “expert” on Pope Francis is a Holocaust denier

[UPDATE, 4/9/13: I just learned that the eve I posted this was the beginning of Holocaust Remembrance Day. Had I known that, I would have added an extra prayer request for survivors and their families.] Remember just after the papal election when Father Z and Taylor Marshall were rightly incensed by the broadside against Pope Francis [Read More...]

UPDATED: Pray for persecuted Newman Center priest and for those who persecute him

Father Greg Shaffer is one of my parish priests. I live a stone’s throw from the George Washington University Newman Center, where he has been chaplain since 2009, and have seen for myself the fantastic fruit his ministry is bearing. With the help of the FOCUS missionaries whom he helped bring to the university, Father [Read More...]

Saved by the cowbell: Mark Volman of Sixties rockers the Turtles is now a Christian professor

Backstage at the Bottom Line, NYC, with Howard “Eddie” Kaylan (left) and Mark “Flo” Volman, New Year’s Eve, probably 1990 This Judaism-to-Sixties-rock-to-Christianity-to-academia life path is contagious! I just learned with joy that one of my favorite musicians from the 1960s is now a Christian, active as a youth minister in his local church, and is [Read More...]

Happy Father Dowling feast day!

Today is the “feast day” of one of my personal patron saints, Father Edward Dowling, S.J., who died on this day in 1960, which that year was Palm Sunday. Father Dowling helped spouses save their marriage (via the Cana Conference movement, which he helped found), helped anxiety sufferers find peace (through Recovery, Inc., for which [Read More...]

The peace that penetrates prison walls

Father George David Byers’ Holy Souls Hermitage today features a deeply moving account of conversion from Pornchai Moontri, one of the Catholic prison inmates I wrote about in this space last month. In “Divine Mercy and the Doors of My Prisons,” Pornchai, who suffered parental neglect and sexual abuse in childhood, writes about how, as [Read More...]

Ignatius Press removes review of Ralph Martin book from website because it criticizes von Balthasar

Want to read the review of Ralph Martin’s book Will Many Be Saved? that David Paul Deavel published in Catholic World Report? You can’t—at least, not on CWR’s website. Mark Brumley, president of Ignatius Press, which owns CWR, took down the review in an act that he himself admits is “blatant censorship.” The reason? Because [Read More...]

Jennifer Fulwiler gives a nod to My Peace I Give You with “Praying for People You Can’t Pray For”

What a beautiful surprise to find Jennifer Fulwiler (left), in her latest blog entry for the National Catholic Register, returning to the interview she did with me last year. Jennifer writes: I know that it’s right and good to pray for our enemies, but sometimes the thought of certain people brings up emotions so raw [Read More...]