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Second Sight

My father’s developing cataracts at 87. The doctor gave him drops. Now he swears he doesn’t need glasses. It’s a second sight that people his age get. It doesn’t last too long. I want to ask, “What will you look at with your one fresh eye?” If only seeing this way would let him know [Read More…]

As Far As the Heart Can See—available in audio

You can now buy the audio for As Far As the Heart Can See instead of or in addition to the print book! On Amazon Amazon or Barnes and Noble An excerpt will be available here on Monday! [Read more…]

For Instance

I started writing because life took my breath away. It was how when stunned by beauty I tried to stay stunned. How when touched I tried to keep the touch alive. The miracle of sun on water, for instance, when dwelled upon, begins to say, you see, this is what love can do to pain. [Read More…]

The Game

As fans flit about and land, it’s the empty field that awes me. Going through the tunnel, the history of every game ever played hovers like the memory of lightning in a canyon, a force no one can make appear or keep from fading. And the great ones know that they only borrow a much-needed [Read More…]

Mark Nepo is a contributor to The Oprah Winfrey Show: Reflections on an American Legacy

Read the press release here. The Oprah Winfrey Show: Reflections on an American Legacy The full list of contributors includes: •Maya Angelou, who writes the foreword •Bono and Nicholas Kristof writing on giving and social action •Ellen DeGeneres, Stanley Crouch, and Henry Louis Gates, Jr., writing on equality •Julia Roberts and Diane von Furstenberg writing [Read More…]

Two from Katarinaslav

They may never have heard the other’s name. Ten years apart, the older combing her pigtails out, the younger just learning how to braid them. Maybe the younger saw the older laughing in the hay. But both, as innocents, steamed their way to America where there were more people than cows and more streets than [Read More…]

Michele McHall video: Working Together Can Be More Like Jazz!

In this clip, Michele talks about how her work with teams and groups in awakening their Spirit, Heart, Mind, and Body intelligences, or Whole IQ, leads to greater creativity and collaboration. [Read more…]

The Finitudes

It’s taken almost sixty years but I’ve stopped figuring out what people want. Now I’m working on not being afraid of not giving people what they want. I’m trying to absorb light which from a person feels like truth. Trying to let light pass through which when it happens feels like love. Then I stumble [Read More…]