Narnia soundtrack snippet now online!

Thanks to Mikael Carlsson for noting that one minute of music from the soundtrack to the upcoming film adaptation of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe has now been posted at the Walden Media website; it’s a piece for duduk and orchestra called ‘Mr Tumnus Narnian Lullaby’, and you can listen to it here.

Walden has also posted sheet music for the tune, a lesson for young music and language arts students, and an interview with composer Harry Gregson-Williams. Among other things, he says: “In LWW, because the ‘world’ that it is set in — Narnia — is a place of fantasy, there needs to be a magical quality to many scenes. Music can help this feeling. Also, as seen through the eyes of the four children, it is important that the music reflects their journeys, both physical and spiritual. . . . I try to find something extra that the music can say about this character other than what is immediately obvious on screen. The character Mr. Tumnus was fairly straight forward for me as he actually plays a musical instrument on camera. The instrument he plays does not exist and is a figment of a Prop Maker’s imagination, so I was able to chose what sound I thought it might make. I ended up with a Duduk, which not only sounded like it was coming form his instrument, but provided a mysterious, beautiful tone for me to utilize.”

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  • Anonymous

    A Narnia Lullaby (Mr. Tumnus’ Lullaby) is by far, one of the most entrancing peaces of music i’ve ever heard (not exagerating!). While watching the movie, my friend got scared because i was in a like a trancish state. I don’t do it anymore, but it’s hard concentrating on anything but that song when I hear it!