What I’ve been doing with my weekend

My wife came home from the hospital on Wednesday, after getting three months of bed rest. And then, on Saturday, she went right back again — and you can see the results.

Elizabeth Joy Chattaway (4 lbs, 12 oz) was born at 3:17pm, and Thomas Lawrence Chattaway (5 lbs, 2 oz) at 3:46pm, on February 4 at BC Women’s Hospital. That’s her above, and him below.

(And believe it or not, the fact that Thomas Lawrence happens to be the name of the protagonist of my favorite movie of all time is a pure coincidence; the name was my wife’s idea, not mine!)

Click here for more of the gory details.

And just because I’m in the mood for a flashback, I’m going to re-post the image that first let us know that my wife was carrying more than one child, way way back in August:

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  • Congratulations! I hope & pray your children gain strength quickly.

  • Thom

    Congratulations, Peter! You, D and the kids are in my prayers!


    Congratulations, Peter. Wow.

    Today is the first bright and sunny day in Seattle in about two months, and I’m going to choose to believe that this is in celebration of the end of a difficult chapter and the beginning of a new and exciting episode. We will be praying that you are surprised by joy, day after day, as the children grow.

  • Congratulations, Peter! Fantastic news.

  • Magnus

    Woo Hoo! Tiny Chuckaway babies! (My personal nick-name for Peter, not that the babies should be tossed out with the bath water or anything)

  • BethR

    Congratulations, Chattaways2 + 2! (really hoping that adds up!) Should I consider myself an honorary godmother? 😉

  • Guess they just couldn’t wait until your wedding anniversary, huh? 🙂


  • I’m so happy for you! My twins, Emily & Zachary, are 4-1/2 now, and it’s been a crazy/wonderful journey. You’ll love every minute of it. Blessings to you.

  • Congratulations, Daddy! And now begins a whole new chapter.

  • bmoorewdm

    Congratulations from me as well, Peter. Hope everyone is doing well. I always get nervous when I see NICU beds… 🙂 Enjoy your babies!

  • ROCK ON PTC!!!

    Twins, even. Way to go, man, I’m very happy for you.

  • Tim


    I’m so pleased for you and D — what a relief to have this challenging pregnancy behind you and to move into this wonderful new stage of family life! They’re beautiful babies, and I pray that they will be healthy and happy as they grow up around you.

  • Congratulations, you guys! They’re beautiful. I’ll pass on the news here at ChristianWeek…we’ve been praying for y’all during staff devos, so they’ll be excited to hear the news! Now only another six months till it’s my turn. 🙂

  • Linda Miller

    Wow! Twins. Way cool, Peter!! Your life will never be the same. I was just up in Seattle celebrating my 14-year-old twin nieces’ b’day. You have a lot of fun to look forward to.

  • CONGRATULATIONS! I totally cried through the “gory” birth account you linked to. I love twins, and yours are adorable!

  • Congratulations Peter — I am so happy for you, Daddy.

    My oldest daughter is a “Joy” as well — Teresa Joy Sulik.

    Best wishes and God Bless!

    William P. Sulik