Newsbites: Material! Nativity! Clerks!

Time for a few new quickies.

1. We all know that Snakes on a Plane, which opens tomorrow, has not been screened for critics in advance. And now I suspect that Material Girls, the Hilary-and-Haylie-Duff movie which also opens tomorrow but which I had never heard about until this morning, was also kept away from the critics, since I never heard about any screenings and there are no reviews listed yet at Rotten Tomatoes or MetaCritic. Can’t say I’m complaining about this one, mind.

2. is already taking pre-orders for The Nativity Story, a collection of photos from the upcoming movie, which will also include quotes from the New Living Translation of the Bible. The coffee-table book is being published by Tyndale, the company that gave us the Left Behind franchise. (Hat tip to Queen Spoo.)

3. Remember that iPod commentary for Clerks II that Kevin Smith was going to release? Apparently it never came to pass, because theatre owners were concerned that the commentary and the movie would not be funny at the same time, causing those with iPods to laugh out loud during serious moments in the film and thereby ruin the experience for all the regular moviegoers. I can appreciate that, but still, now that the idea’s out there, I gotta wonder … what would it be like to, say, make an mp3 of one of my DVD commentaries and then take it into a second-run theatre the next time they bring back The Usual Suspects or Citizen Kane?

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  • RC

    that is an interesting idea with the dvd commentaries.

    both snakes on a plane and material girls were on a vomit enducing films of summer list for me.

    and that’s interesting about the coffee table book…can’t say i’ll be buying one though.

    –RC of

  • Interesting. However, theatre owners in my area don’t seem to care about parents bringing their screaming babies to the movies, much less laughing at serious moments.