Six degrees of C.S. Lewis and Ayn Rand?

Variety reports that Randall Wallace — screenwriter of Braveheart (1995; my comments) and Pearl Harbor (2001; my review), and director of The Man in the Iron Mask (1998) and We Were Soldiers (2002; my article) — has been tapped to write the script for Atlas Shrugged starring Angelina Jolie. And why did he take the gig?

Writer-director Randall Wallace wasn’t about to shrug off the chance to adapt Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” for the bigscreen. . . .

Wallace, who last wrote and directed “We Were Soldiers” for Paramount, said he and his college-age son made a deal last year to read each other’s favorite books. His was C.S. Lewis‘ “Mere Christianity,” which runs around 100 pages; his son’s was “Atlas Shrugged,” which runs more than 1,100 pages.

“I was fascinated by Rand’s book. It was original and provocative,” Wallace told Daily Variety. . . .

So who’s going to make the film version of Mere Christianity?

OCT 18 UPDATE: Quelle coincidence! Today, CT Movies happened to run an interview with Wallace, who is described here as a “devout Christian”. If only they’d known about Atlas Shrugged! Not that it makes him any less Christian, of course; but it would have been good to ask how his faith might inform this script.

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  • magnus

    Just say no to Ayn Rand.

  • gabriel

    Goodness- one almost wonders whether Wallace’s son was taking it out on the old man. 1,100 pages! Wallace Senior should’ve assigned the Summa Theologica!

  • Darryl A. Armstrong

    Oddly enough, Mere Christianity probably pulverizes Atlas Shrugged’s massive content in a “mere” 100 pages.