Newsbites: The myth, legend and history edition!

Stories so old, maybe they should be called oldsbites.

1. Paul Verhoeven‘s book about Jesus is a best-seller in his native Netherlands, and is already on its fourth edition despite being in print for only a few weeks. Could this mean the movie about Jesus that Verhoeven has wanted to make for so long is now closer to becoming a reality? Who knows. For now, Verhoeven’s working on other projects, including a Joan of Arc biopic, of all things. — Hollywood Reporter

2. Zack Snyder says Frank Miller is working on a sequel to 300 (2006); it will take place during the year between the Battle of Thermopylae, which is where the bulk of the original movie takes place, and the Battle of Plataea, which is where the epilogue to the original movie takes place. —

3. Radical Comics publisher Barry Levine says Peter Berg’s adaptation of Hercules: The Thracian Wars will be stylistically similar to 300, but it will also downplay the monsters and stuff to focus more on the human battles that Hercules fights. — MTV Splash Page

4. Brett Ratner has confirmed that he is attached to direct a movie version of the video game God of War, which apparently revolves around the exact same Greek mythological characters that Peter Berg’s Hercules is going to avoid. —,

5. It has been public knowledge for some time now that Russell Crowe is slated to play the titular Sheriff in Ridley Scott’s Nottingham, a revisionist take on the Robin Hood legends. But now Scott seems to have said that Crowe will be playing Robin Hood, as well. Observers are not sure what to make of this announcement. — MTV Movies Blog,

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  • Russell Crowe’s accent seems to already resemble something that would fit in a new Robin Hood movie… though he’ll probably have to get a bit slimmer than what his recent role in Body of Lies