Newsbites: The random quick updates edition!

No major comments here, just noting a few items that happen to tie in to things that I have written here or elsewhere in the past.

1. Anthony Hopkins will star in The Rite, based on the book about real-life exorcists written by Matt Baglio. The movie will centre “on a disillusioned American seminary student who attends exorcism school at the Vatican and ultimately finds his faith through encounters with demonic forces. Hopkins will play a priest who is an expert in exorcisms and whose methods are not necessarily traditional.” — Hollywood Reporter

2. Universal has spent two years looking for someone to turn Sascha Rothchild’s book How to Get Divorced by 30 into a romantic comedy about “starter marriages”. Now, after courting many strangers, the studio has come back to Rothchild and asked her to write the script herself. — Variety

3. The makers of East Is East (1999) — which concerns a British family led by a Pakistani father and his English wife in the early ’70s — are now planning a sequel called West Is West, which will be set in Pakistan about five years later. They are even talking about making a third film to round out the “trilogy”, which begs the question: What will they call it? — Hollywood Reporter

4. Seann William Scott, who has appeared in a number of R-rated comedies over the past decade or so, says he used to watch his language, but his career-making turn as Stifler in American Pie (1999) marked “the first time [I] ever swore.” This fits with what he told Rolling Stone at the time, regarding how his nickname in junior high school used to be “Church Boy”. — WENN

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  • MSK

    Re #3: Why, "Ne'er the Twain Shall Meet," of course.