Watch: A featurette goes behind the scenes of Paul, Apostle of Christ

Watch: A featurette goes behind the scenes of Paul, Apostle of Christ December 2, 2017


There are three major Bible movies coming out in the first three months of next year, and — with the release of the Mary Magdalene trailer this week — all of them now have trailers with actual footage from the films. Paul, Apostle of Christ is now the first of those films to take us behind the scenes as well. Check out the new video below the jump.

Here is the featurette, which includes soundbites from: director Andrew Hyatt; producers David Zelon, Eric Groth and T.J. Berden; Affirm Films executive VP Rich Peluso; and actors James Faulkner (who plays Paul), Jim Caviezel (Luke), Joanne Whalley (Priscilla), John Lynch (Aquila) and Olivier Martinez (the Roman soldier Mauritius):

While the featurette does say that the film will take place during Paul’s last days, it also appears to give us a glimpse of the younger Paul’s conversion, including how he was blinded by his experience on the road to Damascus (Acts 9:1-19, 22:1-21, 26:1-23):


Paul, Apostle of Christ comes to theatres across North America on March 28. (The other two biblical dramas coming out next year — Samson and Mary Magdalene — are currently slated for North American release on February 16 and March 30, respectively.)

Check out earlier Paul, Apostle of Christ trailers and other videos here:

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