Children of Men is on DVD now, so Christopher Orr at the New Republic takes another look at it: “Cinema,” Alfonso Cuarón told The Seattle Times in December, “[has] become now what I call a medium for lazy readers. … Cinema is a hostage of narrative. And I’m very good at narrative as a hostage of cinema.” He was referring to his film Children of Men, and he captured its strengths and weakness admirably. It is a frequently moving, occasionally… Read more

Today must be Faith & Film Day at Variety magazine, since a long list of brand new articles on the subject popped up at their website last night. One of the first articles I noticed, alas, was this one on Christian critics, which begins by quoting “Dr.” Ted Baehr: “When you’re listening to Roger Ebert, you’re listening to his puffery, his opinion,” says Ted Baehr, founder of Movieguide, a ministry that evaluates mass media according to biblical principles, receives approximately… Read more

Reports of the demise of the Walt Disney Treasures series of DVDs were greatly exaggerated, it seems — that, or Disney changed its mind and decided to keep the series going for at least a little while longer. reports that there will be three new sets in December — two of which I am quite eager to acquire:The Chronological Donald, Volume ThreeThe most self-explanatory of the Wave 7 releases, this one’s expected to deliver 30-35 shorts in Donald Duck’s… Read more

Here are the figures for the past weekend, arranged from those that owe the highest percentage of their take to the Canadian box office to those that owe the lowest.Reign over Me — CDN $1,602,341 — N.AM $13,331,000 — 12.0%Shooter — CDN $3,124,895 — N.AM $27,212,000 — 11.5%Premonition — CDN $4,225,986 — N.AM $39,342,000 — 10.7%300 — CDN $19,277,674 — N.AM $179,662,000 — 10.7%Wild Hogs — CDN $11,312,945 — N.AM $135,355,000 — 8.4%TMNT — CDN $2,937,070 — N.AM $38,428,000 –… Read more

Meet the Robinsons made around $25 million this weekend.I guess that’s good for Disney, inasmuch as the studio’s feature animation department has produced 19 other non-Pixar cartoons over the past 20 years, and only five of them have had better opening weekends — said films being Chicken Little (2005; $40 million), Lilo & Stitch (2002; $35.3 million), Tarzan (1999; $34.2 million), Pocahontas (1995; $29.5 million) and The Lion King (1994; $40.9 million). We can bump that number up to six… Read more

‘AMAZING GRACE,’ the song, is a beloved gospel classic; but once in a while, someone complains that it isn’t Christian enough — at least not in that first, famous verse. Words like ‘grace’ are too vague, and phrases like “I once was blind, but now I see” could refer to just about any spiritual experience — or so the argument goes. Amazing Grace, the film, has provoked a similar debate. Evangelicals have welcomed the film with open arms — partly… Read more

I’ve got to review September Dawn in the near future, so I figured I’d check out a couple other films about early Mormon history. First up was Brigham Young (1940), which is everything you’d expect a grand old Hollywood film of that era to be: romantic, idealistic, dramatic, the works. Thankfully, the disc comes with a commentary by film historian James D’Arc, who curates the movie archive at Brigham Young University, and he points out some of the places where… Read more

Time to unload the last few days’ worth of stories.1. says Good News Holdings plans to start shooting its adaptation of Anne Rice’s Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt in October — and they plan to shoot it in Israel. says no actors or directors are attached to the project yet, but “a casting search is on for the boy who will play the young messiah in the film.”MAR 31 UPDATE: Click here for the official press release.2…. Read more

I saw Mira Nair’s The Namesake a few days ago and liked it quite a bit. I particularly couldn’t help shedding a tear during the flashback in which Gogol’s father takes his young family down to the beach. As it happened, I had gone to the theatre straight from a beach excursion with my own family — and I can only hope that my son and I get along better when he finishes high school than Gogol and his dad… Read more

My review of Meet the Robinsons is now up at CT Movies. Read more

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