Here’s Your Chance To Win An Advanced Copy of Undiluted!

Okay friends– last week we didn’t have the chance to play “Where in the World is Ben Corey” because of access to internet issues, but I still want to give you a chance to become an advanced reader of Undiluted. The book doesn’t come out until August, and to date there are probably less than a dozen folks who have their hands on a copy, so you’ll actually be one of the first people to have the chance to jump into Undiluted.

The question you must answer correctly:

Where was I when I escaped from the Christian Internet last week?

Well, below you’ll find your clues.

But first, here are the rules:

1. I make the rules and can change the rules :)

2. The closest guess (by my determination) wins a free signed copy of Undiluted (which isn’t even available yet!)

3. The first person to guess correctly wins, but I’ll let guessing stay open for the next 24 hours or so.

4. If no one guesses correctly, I’ll pick a random winner (or the person with the most creative, but incorrect answer)

5. No playing if you know me in real life and already have the answer– be fair!

With that, here are your clues to win a free advanced copy of my book– only guesses made as comments here on the blog count!


What I needed to get there…

A selfie with who came with me…

A sunset…

What it looked like any time I tried to connect to the internet…

What I was reading in preparation for the work portion of my trip…

And… I think those are the only clues I’m giving you. Guessing the correct country could win, but if you take a stab at what I went to do, you might end up with the most complete/accurate answer… and could win! I’ll announce the winner and explain the complete/correct answer at some point tomorrow on the Facebook page, so keep watch to see if you won!

The Answer & Winner:

This was a much needed trip that rejuvenated me in multiple ways. My wife and I traveled to… the Dominican Republic where we had some down time, and where I spoke at a pastor’s conference on Human Trafficking (the topic of my doctorate). I am especially excited about how things went at the conference. Human Trafficking is a serious problem in the DR, and there are very few NGO’s working on this issue. On top of that, the government has made very little headway on the issue. I’m convinced that the solution lies with passionate Jesus followers who are determined to do something about the problem, so my goal was to inspire pastors to get some programs started. I’m currently in talks to go back next February to have a two-day conference/training seminar to help pastors develop and get some programs off the ground.

So, the winner…

Picking a winner wasn’t cut-and-dried so I had to make a judgement call on it. Several people guessed Haiti, which was geographically the closest. However, one of those three also included reference to trafficking/slavery, so I picked that answer as being the closest & most complete answer.

So congrats, Adam Humphreys— that means that you’re going to be an advance reader of Undiluted!

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  • Theo Wilson

    Djibouti. Actually I have no idea, but I like saying “Djibouti.”

  • Guest


  • Taylor Murray

    My name disappeared! This is from me

  • Lindsay Plott-Buckner


  • Lisa Martinez


  • Daniel Bergman

    Bangladesh? Based on book title I looked up where slavery is still prominent, sad to see there were so many countries to choose from… gonna need to order a copy of that book now…

  • Gordie LaChance

    St. Lucia!

  • Slavery is legal nowhere but practiced everywhere.

  • Willow Bird Baking


  • Lane Tracy Reeves Diedrick

    I say you needed a mental health break from the World Vision heartbreak (10,000 sponsors dropping their child because WV was going to allow married gay people to be hired)…so you took a vacation in the Bahamas. The book was in preparation for your fight against inner-city segregation, poverty, income discrepancies, and the public school takeover by Common Core and charter schools for profit. (I have a teaching degree, haha). Am I right? Close?

  • Joel Michael Cox

    My first guess will be that you got an in with Jay-Z and he let you into Cuba.

    But in real life…
    Beaches and straw huts… I’m going to guess The Bahamas.

  • I’m going with Lima, Peru.

  • Dan Siemens

    Costa Rica.

  • You can all stop guessing. It’s New Brunswick.

  • Adam Humphreys

    Jacmel, Haiti, working with Free the Slaves?

  • Susan Mechling

    No idea. but after “leafing” thru the book on Amazon, I MUST read this!

  • Nighten Gayle

    A wild guess–the Western Caribbean, perhaps Little Cayman, to go diving and speak at a conference about human trafficking.

  • Theodore Bradbury Diehl

    I’m going with Haïti. I know that’s already been guessed, but I am the first to spell it correctly (the French way). That’s gotta count for something, right? :-)
    As a bonus, I could also pronounce it correctly, too!

  • It’s a great book. Kevin Bales has several on modern slavery and they’re all fantastic. This one would probably be a good start!

  • Katie

    My guess is Italy.

  • Brandy Taylor

    I think you went to Cambodia to adopt a new baby girl.

  • Sierra Leone

  • Matthew Bade

    Since it seems like everone else from the blogosphere and Christian radio has been to Israel lately, I’m going to guess that’s the Sea of Galilee in the background. Either that or Lake Pontchartrain. That’s it! Busted! You were in New Orleans for WrestleMania week, hoping against hope to catch a glimpse of CM Punk crawling out of whatever hole he’s been hiding in, dreaming of some last minute, hail mary WM 30 appearance. I hate to burst your bubble, but he was holed up in his Chicago flat, watching the whole thing on pay-per-view. Sorry, Carmen Sandiego :(

  • Mark Schnitzer

    The Virgin Islands

  • Jon Altman

    Thailand-conference on human trafficing

  • Gloria


  • India. Or else Zanzibar or the Congo “region”.

  • eric kurfman

    I was going to go with Thailand…and human trafficking conference like Jon…so I will guess the conference was in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

  • Ruaidrí Ó Domhnaill

    Are you in Liberia?