No, John Piper, God Doesn’t Kill Babies Because Their Dad Looked At Porn

I’m all for charitable Christian disagreement between Christians of different expressions or traditions within Christianity. But Holey Moley, I’m starting to think that Calvinism probably shouldn’t be classified and grouped under the Christian umbrella. I’ve also often wondered if John Piper really isn’t a Calvinist at all, but just trolling them to make their religion look so frighteningly horrific. Case in point: No, God doesn’t kill your children as a punishment for a parent struggling with porn. I mean, I… Read more

What I Wish My White Friends & Family Understood About Our Election Grief

It’s day 2, and I’m still grieving and feeling physically sick over the election– especially as I read story after story of how the Trump win has already emboldened racist bullying, threats, intimidation, and sexual assaults— in just the first day. As I process, I’m realizing there’s a lot of things I wish my white friends and family knew and understood about our post-election grieving. I wish they understood that this isn’t an issue of Republican or Democrat, but that… Read more

Why Franklin Graham Had Better Hope That Progressive Christians Were Right About Hell

Is Franklin Graham headed to hell when he dies? That’s a tricky question, but one he’d do well to wrestle with. The answer to that is found in how one views the Bible– is it the inerrant, inspired Word of God? Is the Bible true? Is it authoritative? If one were to answer yes to those questions, which Franklin Graham does, the Bible itself pronounces condemnation for him on multiple counts. Mainly, he stands condemned as an unrepentant liar and… Read more

I’m Sorry, But Donald Trump Is NOT “Pro-Life”

As we’ve watched the election unfold during this painfully long political season, we’ve watched Evangelical Christians swing from one extreme to another. During the primary season, Evangelicals were overwhelmingly vocal about how horrid Donald Trump is as a presidential candidate, at one point sparking the whole #NeverTrump movement. Yet, when he became the nominee, they finally got on board– at least most of them. Time and time again, the Evangelical justification for supporting Trump basically boils down to one point: He’s… Read more

No, LGBTQ+ Affirming Christians Are Not Heretics

This week Jen Hatmaker, an Evangelical writer and speaker, came out as LGBTQ+ affirming in an interview that has set part of the Evangelical Internet on fire. Hatmaker has long been influential in the Evangelical world, so this public shift is not being taken lightly by the establishment. As one of my friends in the industry put it, we’re “watching her be Rob Belled,” which is a fitting description of what’s happening. As is true for just about every other… Read more

The Christian Right’s False Hope In A Conservative SCOTUS

What Franklin Graham Is Wrong About Today, Vol. 5 The election of 2016 is just a few weeks away (thank you, sweet baby Jesus). Over the course of this election season, it has been interesting to watch the conservative Christian reaction to Donald Trump. What originally was a “hell no!” during the primary season, slowly became “he’s our only hope” in the general election. I knew all along that the majority of the right-wing “never Trump” folks would eventually cave… Read more

The Unbiblical Idea That God Has Blessed America Most (What Franklin Graham Is Wrong About Today)

What Franklin Graham Is Wrong About Today, Vol. 4 Franklin Graham is known for saying controversial things, but the other day he said something that wasn’t very controversial at all. He said that God has blessed the United States of America more than any other nation on earth. This concept isn’t unique to Graham– I’ve heard it said a thousand and one times in my life. The idea that America is somehow God’s favorite, that America is the place God has… Read more

Are Islamic Countries Doing Enough To Help Refugees?

As we know, the world is facing a refugee crisis. We see it on the news daily, to the point where many of us in the West are likely desensitized to the scenes of refugee camps, capsized boats, and bodies of children washing up on the shores of neighboring countries. Globally, there are countless millions of refugees– over 6 million of them are refugees fleeing the war in Syria alone. U.S policy and intervention in the region accomplished what many critics… Read more

The Demise of Would Lead To More Trafficking, Not Less

Recently the CEO of the website was arrested on charges related to human trafficking, a move that is being celebrated by many in the anti-trafficking world. Once Craigslist stopped publishing classifieds for erotic services, became the go-to website to publish these. As the now predominant publisher of classifieds that include erotic services (though, the ads are veiled), has long since been the victim of gross exaggerations about human trafficking spread by well-meaning people who simply lack cultural competency around issues like… Read more

Yo, America: Maine Already Tried The Whole Trump Thing. It Didn’t Work.

So listen, America. We, the people of Maine, have some wisdom to share with you. I’m sure some of you are unaware that we even exist– we basically live in Canada even though we’re technically one of the 50 states. We live quiet lives up here, and most of us tend to like it that way. We are home to brilliant fall foliage, the famous Maine lobster, moose crashes (got plenty of those), and a coastline that is among the most beautiful… Read more

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