BREAKING: Josh Duggar Checks Into Long-Term Treatment Facility

Continuing the long saga of Josh Duggar, it appears he has now checked into a long-term treatment facility following the most recent revelations that he had an Ashley Madison account. The following statement was just released by the Duggar family on their official blog: “We are so thankful for the outpouring of love, care and [Read More…]

Flamethrowers: The New & Totally Crazy Addition to the 2nd Amendment Debate

They’re banned from use under international law, but not banned in the United States– unless you happen to live in Maryland. With just 10 pounds of combustion, this new consumer grade weapon spews out fire that’s hot enough to completely melt a human being. Ah, the beauty and destructive power of a flamethrower. What used to [Read More…]

The Type of Christian You’ll Want to Surround Yourself With (And The Type to Avoid)

For those of us on a Christian journey that flows in and out of certain categories and labels, there can be a tendency to surround ourselves simply with other Christians who fit a certain label or definition. This could be a good thing, and could be a bad thing, depending on circumstances at the time. There have [Read More…]

John Piper: Women Not Suited For Most Jobs In The World

Pastor John Piper, a leading figure in Reformed Christianity, was recently asked the question: “Should women be police officers?” He answered the question on his podcast, Ask Pastor John, in Episode 661. His response wasn’t surprising, but what was surprising was how far he took the concept– one that is dangerous, and one I pray [Read More…]

If God Only Made Male & Female, What About Intersex?

I think I’ve heard the phrase “in the beginning God made them male and female” a hundred times in response to the sex/gender discussions of our time. The phrase works like a trump card to win a theological discussion on anything from LGBTQ issues to how Target should organize their toys. However, each time I [Read More…]

What Franklin Graham Is Wrong About Today (vol 1): Gendering Toys

While I prefer to ignore some of the loudest and most obnoxious voices within Americanized Christianity, some are just so loud and so damaging that ignoring is not an option. Like talking to someone with food stuck in their front teeth, sometimes it’s almost impossible to pretend you didn’t see it and thus say nothing. In light [Read More…]

How To Be A Progressive Christian Without Being A Grump About It

So you’re a Progressive Christian? Great, we welcome you. Whether you’re a Mainline Progressive™, a Progressive Evangelical™, or in the category of I Don’t Know Where The Heck I Am Anymore™, we welcome you under our ginormous tent. (There’s free beer and wine in the back if you’re interested.) You’ll find plenty of friends here [Read More…]

Why Sex Still Dominates Christian Focus On Human Trafficking

In 2008 I first entered seminary and quickly found myself passionate about justice issues with a fervor I hadn’t experienced before. The issue that ended up blinking the brightest on my justice radar was the issue of human trafficking– something often reported to be the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world. What had long been carried by [Read More…]

10 Parenting Strategies For Raising Nonviolent Children

10. Teach them every human being has unsurpassable worth.  A nonviolent ethic of love begins right here, and nowhere else. Jesus followers embrace nonviolent enemy love precisely because every human being, regardless of their outward appearance or even immoral behavior, bears the divine image of God and has unsurpassable worth to God. We must live [Read More…]

For The People Who Say, “But Jesus Didn’t Abolish The Law”

The Old Testament is tricky ground. It always has been. In it, you will find something that’s often referred to as “The Law” (insert dramatic theme music). The Law, attributed to Moses, contains 613 rules and regulations that Israel used to keep order in their society during ancient times. You’ll find some nice stuff in [Read More…]