What To Do When You’re Not Going To Get To Watch Your Kids Grow Up

This blog was supposed to have a way cooler title. I had longed for the day when I’d write this. I’ve had it written in my mind for about three years; it was originally to be called, “Our Family Just Grew by Four Feet!” and it was going to have a cute picture of four little feet. And everyone on the Internet was going to say, “Congratulations, BLC! They are sooooo adorable!” But that’s not the blog I’m writing today. What… Read more

Sorry, Folks: A President Can’t Just Abolish The Second Amendment

Some things never change. One of those things that never change is that right-wing folks will consistently try to scare the public regarding the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It doesn’t matter if it’s a presidential race, a congressional race, or the aftermath of one of America’s daily mass shootings, the message is the same: You’re about to lose your 2nd Amendment rights. Now they’re saying it about Hillary Clinton– beware of her, because she wants to abolish the… Read more

The Total and Complete Biblical Case for Supporting Donald Trump

As I had expected, the #NeverTrump movement among evangelical Christians was short-lived. What was once a strong, “Hell no!” has slowly become a, “Well, we probably oughtta.” Some prominent Christians have shifted dramatically between these two camps, with folks like Wayne Grudem now switching sides and arguing that voting for Trump is a “morally good choice.” Others, such as Bonhoeffer history revisionist, Eric Metaxas, have been on the Trump train early on. And then of course, there’s the folks in your… Read more

Why We Need To Stop Divorce-Shaming Conservatives (And Everyone Else, Too)

I get it– when we think people are being hypocrites it’s hard to not point it out. I’ve done it. Jesus did it. We’ve all done it. But honestly, I’ve grown tired of the way the Progressive tribe tends to divorce-shame conservatives, and it’s time to speak up about it. (And before you skip to the comment section to blast me as some conservative who is taking on progressives, you might want to read some other things I’ve written, or at… Read more

5 More Things Christians Should Remember This Election Cycle

  Political season is a challenging time for Christians—or at least, it should be. The American political system is unique in many ways. Much of this uniqueness is good and worthy of respect and even admiration at times. However, the American political system is also unique in the divisive way it separates Christians from one another. As I travel the world and talk to people from other cultures, particularly Christians, I experience a consistent confusion from our brothers and sisters… Read more

No, A Hillary Presidency Won’t Be The End of America

Those who know me know that I’ve never been much of a Hillary fan—I’m still not, all things considered. However, as I have been outspoken in my criticism of the ideas and values of Donald Trump, I’ve found myself amazed at the number of people who view Hillary Clinton as somehow morally equal to him. In fact, I’ve seen countless commenters say that if Hillary Clinton becomes president she would be a threat to the future of our country, as… Read more

I’m A Progressive Who Admires The Courage And Integrity of Ted Cruz

It’s no secret– I’m not a fan of Ted Cruz. In fact, I found him to be the least desirable out of all the of the Republican candidates who sought the presidency this year. I believe his ideology is dangerous. I believe his ideas are wrong. And as a fellow Christian, I think Ted Cruz has a profound misunderstanding as to what being a Christian means and looks like. But for as much as I have been critical of Ted Cruz,… Read more

I’m A Privileged White Guy, So I’m Giving Away My Vote This Election

It’s the height of election season in Americaland. While many of us probably already feel over-saturated from an election cycle that lasts waaaaaay too long, the intensity of the election is about to hit its final stretch as both the Republicans and Democrats kick off their conventions this month. While I enjoy staying up-t0-date on the election, and the various issues that are being debated, I have felt somewhat liberated to approach this election differently, as I do not vote…. Read more

5 Reasons You Might Want To Stop Judging Others

Standing in judgement over other people is one of the most simultaneously natural and unnatural things we do in life. It is natural– or perhaps I should say, instinctive– because the desire to judge others goes back to the original sin described in the book of Genesis. It is unnatural all at the same time, as the ability to stand in judgement over others was the one thing God drew a boundary around and said, “do not eat from this… Read more

Declaring Independence from Violence on the 4th of July

When confronted with problems, the United States has a history of bold ideas, of path-finding people, of those willing to suffer for the sake of their children. We are “can-do” folks — and this July 4, it’s time to start another revolution. Historians tell us that more human beings were killed by other human beings in the 20th century than in all the proceeding centuries combined. The 21st century has not changed course. Financial instability across the world paired with… Read more

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