World Vision Announces New, Radically Consistent Employment Standards

What a hard week for American Christianity. At the beginning of the week, World Vision announced they would begin hiring married gay Christians in their US offices. As we all watched, the internet blew up. Some 2000 people dropped the children they were sponsoring. More progressive bloggers used their platforms to issue a call encouraging [Read More...]

The Day Evangelicalism Died

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One of my favorite songs as a kid was American Pie (The Day The Music Died) about the death of Buddy Holly. It’s one of those tunes you just never get out of your head. In the opening lines he talks about hearing the news that Buddy Holly had died and says: “I can’t remember [Read More...]

When We’d Rather Let Kids Go Hungry Than Be Reasonable On Gay Marriage

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  I officially know what an aneurysm feels like, because I think I just had one this morning. Brace yourself, because you might have one too. At least we’ll all go through it together. Yesterday as told via Christianity Today, the Christian relief organization World Vision announced that it was making a major policy change in [Read More...]

Women Shouldn’t Say Amen in Church? (Putting the “Mental” in Fundamentalist)

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Steven Anderson is at it again. If you don’t know who he is, I rank him near the top of the list of most obnoxious fundamentalists ever. He’s the guy who says he carries his wife around the house each morning to prove that if she doesn’t want to go somewhere he could carry her. [Read More...]

The Funniest End-Times Presentation You’ll See All Day

So here you go mates, you’ll thank me for this one. You’ve got to give the guy an “A” for effort– especially the way he tries to dramatize the reading. Have a wonderful, rapture-less weekend! via: Jeff Turner [Read more...]

Missing Airliner A Snapshot Of The Rapture? (What Rapture People Ignore)

Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of Evangelist Billy Graham, says that the missing Malaysian airliner is a good window into what it will be like after the rapture. In a blog post yesterday, she uses the opportunity of the missing airliner to segue to musings on what life will be like after the “rapture”. Lotz writes [Read More...]

Pastor Gives Out Free Tattoos, Your Tattoo Questions Answered, And Why Rob Bell Thinks I’m “Hard Core”.

Church pastor gives out free tattoos? That makes him the coolest pastor ever in my book. In this post, I answer all of your tattoo questions: are tattoos biblical? What are your tattoos of? Who has more tattoos, you or Nadia Bolz-Weber? [Read more...]

St. Patrick’s Bad Analogies of the Trinity

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For all my theology friends– hilarious. [Read more...]

Mark Driscoll Apologizes And Says He’s Changing His Life (and I support him)

Mark Driscoll, it appears, is repenting. I didn’t think I would ever write this post, but I am. In a letter to Mars Hill that appears to have been leaked to Reddit, Mark Driscoll is apologizing for some of his behavior and committing to giving up being a celebrity in order to be a better [Read More...]

Love Doesn’t Kidnap: Why I Believe In Free Will Over Predestination


The other day I wrote a provocative piece on some surface reasons why I’m not a Calvinist. One of the key issues that is typically covered when discussing Calvinism and alternatives, is the discussion of “free will” over “predestination”. While there are various ways of looking at each side, in short, predestination is the camp [Read More...]