90% Innocent: How America Is Creating Terrorists Faster Than We Can Kill Them

People aren’t born terrorists. No one crawls out of their mother’s womb, finishes weaning and learning how to walk, and then finds their first words to be words of hatred. No one is predestined to become a terrorist, and terrorism isn’t some genetic issue. Rather, terrorists are created out of otherwise beautiful image bearers of the true and living God. To create a terrorist, there are ultimately three factors that need to be cultivated inside the heart of an individual: fear,… Read more

Mike Huckabee Endorses Selling Poor People As Slaves (not even making this up)

Republican presidential candidate and Baptist preacher, Mike Huckabee, is endorsing a policy that sounds reeeeeeaaal Christian like. In a radio interview with Iowa’s Jan Mickelson, the two spoke of America’s broken justice system- a topic I’ve written about at TIME, previously. Certainly, our justice system is broken with a capital B. Between an incarceration rate that is over-the moon (especially if you’re a black male), mandatory sentencing guidelines that tie judges hands and prevent any level of mercy, and our failure to… Read more

If The Bible Commands Us To Bless Israel, It Commands Us To Bless Muslims Too

With violence erupting between the nation of Israel and the Christians and Muslims referred to collectively as the Palestinians, so also have American Christians taken to the airwaves to pledge their unwavering support for Israel. Certainly, for those of us who grew up in fundamentalism, blind and unwavering support for the modern state of Israel was a core component of our belief system. However, this view has spread beyond fundamentalism and gone so much further that even today, our national foreign… Read more

How To Live Relatively Safely, Without Owning A Defensive Firearm

I’ve always wondered why the gun lobby seems to keep sending us the message that a gun is the best way to ensure personal and home safety. Strike that– I know why they send the message: the gun lobby sells guns. Despite the fact that having a gun in your home increases your risk of gun-death, somehow we buy into the belief that being safe = gun ownership. However, this idea that your two options are (a) own a gun or (b)… Read more

Using the Bible To Run From Jesus (What If Jesus Actually Is Enough?)

Growing up, I learned a lot about Jesus. As an adult, I’ve learned even more. One of the common threads that has been part of my journey was the idea that “Jesus is sufficient” or what is sometimes called the “sufficiency of Christ.” In my fundamentalist world, the sufficiency of Christ was a theological descriptor relating to the issue of salvation, and simply meant that what Christ accomplished through his life, death, and resurrection, was sufficient– nothing more needs to… Read more

6 Billion Reasons Why The American Gun Lobby Loves Them A Good Mass Shooting

I’ll admit it: I’m officially to the point where I believe that the gun lobby in America actually loves mass shootings. I don’t mean that as hyperbole either, I actually think mass shootings are very, very good for them and must be something they rejoice over. Let me explain a bit: A good rule of thumb when evaluating motive is “always follow the money.” While it seems simplistic, in our world this is often a good place to look. Regardless of how… Read more

Why Standing Against Islamic Violence Forces You To Rethink Biblical Inerrancy

I’ve written a fair amount about contemporary issues regarding our relationship with Muslims. As a people group I love dearly and long to minister to for years to come, I have been quick to stand against xenophobia and Islamophobia. In our current climate in American Christianity however, there is fast and hard push-back when I stand with my Muslim brothers and sisters. Standing with them, of course, does not mean I stand with everything done in the name of their religion–… Read more

The Road To Death Camps Is Paved With Fear-based Rhetoric

In our divisive political climate, Hitler comparisons are far too common and grossly misused. Most of the time, the comparisons are simply inappropriate. However, as I have been pondering this issue for some weeks, I’ve realized there is an appropriate time and place to make a Hitler comparison. Making a Hitler comparison is far game if/when someone does exactly what Hitler did. I’ve been grieved over the growing level of fear and hatred I see permeating throughout American culture, especially… Read more

How To Judge Less, Love More, And Grow Your Heart In Just Six Weeks

Perhaps one of the best known verses in the Bible comes from Matthew 7 and Luke 6 when Jesus commands his disciples to “judge not.” Ask 10 people what that actually means, and you’ll probably get 10 different explanations. Whatever it does or doesn’t mean however, I hope we can all agree that as Christians we should do less of it. Greg Boyd’s book, Repenting of Religion: Turning from Judgment to the Love of God, has been highly instrumental both in my theological… Read more

And Here’s Donald Trump Referencing Part of the Bible That Doesn’t Exist:

For those who have been following, Donald Trump has said several times that the Bible is his favorite book of all time. He’s gone on to call scripture, “the most special thing.” Recently he was asked what his favorite Bible verse was, and he, well… he couldn’t answer the question. When pressed for more, he just said that it was all “very private” for him and that he was a 50/50 OT vs NT guy. It was awkward if you… Read more

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