Terrorists Apologize After Accidentally Beheading Their Own Guy (he who lives by the sword, will die by it)

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The counter cultural message of Jesus invites us to embrace a life of total non-violence, and to follow him. If we insist on participating in violence or violent social systems, Jesus contends that this will have the potential to place us on the receiving end, of the very tool we use. Here’s a great example [Read More...]

What Is The Gospel? (A Dialogue with Marcus Borg)

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Recently my Patheos colleague, Dr. Marcus Borg, wrote a piece entitled “What is the Gospel?“, which invited a much needed discussion in regards to the nature of the Gospel of Jesus.  The question of “why is the message of Jesus good news?” is perhaps one of the most worthy questions in theology to wrestle with, [Read More...]

10 Reasons Why Reading The Bible Makes Us More Progressive


In a piece I published yesterday, (Study Shows: Reading Your Bible Often Makes You More Liberal), we took a look at a study I read the other day which showed the more often people read their Bible, the more liberal/progressive they become. (In yesterday’s article I used the term “liberal” but in today’s I’m using [Read More...]

Study Shows: Reading Your Bible Often Will Make You A Flaming Liberal


Ok, well… maybe not a “flaming” liberal. I just said that to get you to click the link… by now, you should know I like provocative titles that get you to read articles (a tactic you are completely validating, I might add). BUT, a study I read the other day does show that the more [Read More...]

The Mark Driscoll Scholarship Fund for Women in Ministry


So, the title of this post isn’t a joke… which makes this whole idea infinitely cooler. Yesterday, Shane Claiborne (if you don’t know him, you should) posted this picture to his Facebook. In the caption, he mentions that some of his friends are currently raising money for women in ministry, and actually hope to establish [Read More...]

Why I’m Hesitant to Let My Kid Watch Christian Movies


1. Because there is a really, really, really good chance that Kirk Cameron is one of the main characters. And, let’s face it– Kirk isn’t a very good actor. Every time I see him on the big screen it ruins fond childhood memories, singing “as long as we’ve got each other, we’ve got the world [Read More...]

Walking Wounded as a Means to Build Community (The Dave Test)


It wasn’t long after my wife and I started dating that I realized I had made a critical mistake in trying to date a therapist. As we got to know each other and as I let Tracy into my own long history of broken dreams, Tracy tried to not-so-gently tell me that I sucked at [Read More...]

Mark Driscoll: MacArthur had the right idea, just the wrong people


I’ve been condemned to hell twice in the last week and a half, and I still have the weekend ahead of me. I’m sure I’ll get another 6-7 emails from readers who think I’m doomed, so it’s not shaping up to be a good week for my eternal salvation. In case you weren’t on the [Read More...]

Why I Am Hopeful for the Future of American Christianity

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I was reflecting today on the many different subjects I’ve written about over these past few months, and realized that while I’ve offered a lot of insights, and expressed numerous laments, I’ve been at an imbalance– forgetting to write about things which give me hope for American Christianity. Today, I want to fix that. I [Read More...]

Fundamentalist: we’re all at risk of becoming one

"I Am a Fundamentalist" published in 1975 by John R. Rice

It’s easy to take a stand against Christian fundamentalism. Many of us have had previous experiences within the toxicity of such a worldview, and by the grace of God, have found our way out of it. Recently however, I’ve been reflecting on the concept of fundamentalism in general, and feel like we all need to [Read More...]