You Don’t Believe in God Anymore? Spare Me . . .

Sometime last year, a biblical scholar who is part of the progressive left wrote a blog post that went viral. In the post, the scholar bulbously argued why he didn’t believe in God anymore. Instead, he now “trusts” God. All he was doing was using the word “believe” as a synonym for mental assent. I [Read More...]

Help Me Choose a Book Cover

10461906_408149929324393_2034592919_n (1)

Don’t use the comments for this. Instead, click here to make your choice. There are two covers to choose from below. Both were created by Citisonship Design Studio. Thanks! Cover A Cover B [Read more...]

Romans 8 Remixed

And you know that I cause everything to work togetherĀ for your good because you love me and are called according to my purpose. I knew you in advance, and I chose you to become like my Son, so that my Son would be the firstbornĀ among many brothers and sisters. And having chosen you, I called [Read More...]

Every Issue Facing the Church

“Every issue facing the church today has a slippery Caiaphas, a vacillating Pilate, a betraying Judas, and a centurion who will drive the nails because it’s his job.” ~ Lloyd John Ogilvie [Read more...]