Jesus Isn’t Contained in Our Boxes

Just when we think we’ve solved Jesus, He turns the tables on us. Jesus often comes to us in unexpected ways and through unexpected means. Just think about how He came to Earth. For centuries, Israel had waited for a political Messiah. They expected Him to lead a rebellion and free Israel from Roman oppression. [Read More...]

Nailing a Common Problem in Female-Male Relationships

It’s been some time since I’ve  posted in the “humor” category. But this short video is priceless as it underscores — with a creative dose of humor — what many behavioral experts have been saying for years: Women want a guy to just listen and understand while men just want to fix the problem. [Read more...]

Know Your Church History: A Review

It’s interesting to me that Justin Holcomb has just released a book about heresy. I say “interesting” because another author and I have just written a new article on what we call “the H-bomb” — how Christians misuse the word “heresy” all the time. The article will be published this Fall, God willing. In our [Read More...]

When Did Christians Start Tithing?

Reminder: Today – Friday is the last day to get the Study Guide to my new book JESUS NOW for free. You just have to order the book from any store by this Friday. Here are the details on how to get your free copy. – In our book, Pagan Christianity, George Barna and I wrote an entire [Read More...]