Hacking the Victorious Christian Life

The 121st episode of the “Christ is All” podcast has just been published. It’s called Hacks to the Victorious Christian Life. And I’ve got a discussion partner for this one. As always, if you enjoy it, pass this post on (using the share buttons below) and be sure to subscribe in iTunes or Beyond Pod below. Listen to [Read More...]

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at My Online Work

People regularly ask me for advice on blogging.  In fact, one of the things I do to earn my living is consult authors, writers, bloggers, musicians, and business people. I do this work primarily through the Buzz Seminar Master Course along with 9 other presenters. But there’s an entire technical side to blogging. This is [Read More...]

A New Mentoring Project

Preview: Coming this Thursday on the blog, Hacks to the Victorious Christian Life, as promised in one of my podcast episodes. As I enter this season of my life and ministry, the example of Jesus weighs heavy on my mind and heart. Namely, the fact that He spent most of His time with a group of people who “got” [Read More...]

Some Neglected Aspects of Discipleship

To my readers in their 20s and 30s, if you haven’t taken my super quick survey yet, PLEASE do so here. It will only take you a second. Now here’s today’s post. – On the day she first met Jesus, Mary of Bethany helped her sister Martha prepare a meal for Jesus and His disciples. [Read More...]