A Word to Those Who Have Made “Social Justice” Everything

One of the things that I’ve railed against for years is the common penchant for Christians to make some “thing” about Jesus Christ and the kingdom of God the “whole thing.” That was the message of Jesus Manifesto. I’ve also made no small ruckus about how important the ekklesia is to God and His Eternal [Read More…]

Christmas Myths Exposed!

If you’ve ever heard the Christmas story retold or watched it dramatized on film, you may not have realized how many myths were added to the story found in the Gospels . In this piece, I address some of them. The Date of Christ’s Birth Jesus was born “before Christ” (B.C.). Probably 4 or 5 [Read More…]

This Hilarious Video Reminds Me of the State of Christianity Today

Trying to bring the gospel to 21st-century postmodern culture using traditional mindsets and archaic methods works about as well as this coach’s efforts did with this team. [Read more…]

Bono on Jesus: My Personal Reflections

In the 78th episode of my podcast, I share my reflections on Bono’s statements about Jesus that I posted on the blog recently. If you’re new to the podcast, be prepared to hear a few “commercials” sprinkled into the episode (we have to keep our sponsors happy, you know . . . Cough). The podcast [Read More…]