Do You Make These 8 Mistakes When Reading the Bible?

We recently added a new episode to the podcast. In this episode, I explore 8 mistakes that are commonly made when reading the Scriptures. I’ve made all of them at one time in my life. [Read more…]

The Wrong Starting Point

With few exceptions, the story that Christians tell others and themselves begins with Genesis 3 rather than Genesis 1. Our starting point is the fall of humanity. The result: Everything is framed around God’s redemptive mission. It’s all about saving a lost world. Part of the reason for this, I believe, is that evangelical Christians have [Read More…]

7 Points About Resolving the Question of God & Evil

Yesterday, someone who works for a radio station in California saw my post How Can a Good God Allow Innocent Children to Be Murdered? Subsequently, I was invited on the program to talk about the subject. Here are a 7 points I made in the radio interview: 1. When something tragic touches us, that’s when [Read More…]

How Can a Good God Allow Innocent Children to Be Murdered?

The age-old question that has tormented philosophers and theologians for centuries is resurfacing again . . . with new vigor. This time it’s emerging in the wake of the horrors of a mass murder of small children in Newtown, Connecticut. Regrettably, atrocities like this have been going on in our world since the Fall. And [Read More…]