Attend 5 Conferences in the Comfort of Your Own Home

As I’ve shared recently, I’m only accepting 6 speaking engagements a year. So I’m very selective on which invitations I accept. This year, I’ll be speaking at a number of conferences. All of them are sold out, except for the Buzz Seminar (a premium training for bloggers & authors), which has some space left still. [Read More...]

A Big Thank You!

I want to thank all of you who got a copy of my brand new book, JESUS NOW. Because of your efforts in grabbing a copy during release week, the book hit Parable’s prestigious #1 bestseller spot out of their top 10 books. If you still haven’t ordered the book yet, here are some places to [Read More...]

A Better Covenant & LAST DAY for “Jesus Now” Special

A Better Covenant It is my observation that many Christians today live like old covenant people rather than new-covenant people. According to Hebrews, the new covenant is far superior to the old (8:6). This is because Jesus is greater than any other priest. Thus He is called our “great high priest” (4:14). Consider the tight relationship that Abraham, Moses, [Read More...]

You Can’t Join Jesus in His Present Work if You Don’t Know What He’s Up To (Time-Sensitive Podcast)

The 96th episode of the “Christ is All” podcast released this morning. In this episode, you will hear 3 recent interview clips where I talk about what Jesus is doing right now . . . since His ascension . . . and how what He’s doing now benefits you and me. The podcast is 45 [Read More...]