Sigh. I Feel Stupid . . .

Like most of you, I own a smart phone. But I don’t use it to read blogs. So it didn’t dawn on me that many of you would be reading yesterday’s blog post about my current dilemma on a smart phone. Consequently, if you tried going to the Podbean site with your smart phone, the button I mentioned didn’t [Read More...]

I Have a Dilemma & May Have to Drop the Podcast

This post has moved here. [Read more...]

Viral Jesus

I caught up with my friend Ross Rohde recently to discuss his book Viral Jesus: Recovering the Contagious Power of the Gospel. Enjoy the interview! The title to your book is intriguing, Viral Jesus: Recovering the Contagious Power of the Gospel. What is the main point you are seeking to make? I wanted to answer a [Read More...]

What To Do When Other Christians Hurt You – 8 Responses

When Martha complained to Jesus about Mary on His first visit to Bethany, Mary could have chosen to be offended by her sister. But there is no indication that she felt that way. She also could have taken offense when Judas and the disciples protested against her act of extravagant worship. But again, there is no [Read More...]