Romans 8 Remixed

And you know that I cause everything to work togetherĀ for your good because you love me and are called according to my purpose. I knew you in advance, and I chose you to become like my Son, so that my Son would be the firstbornĀ among many brothers and sisters. And having chosen you, I called [Read More...]

Every Issue Facing the Church

“Every issue facing the church today has a slippery Caiaphas, a vacillating Pilate, a betraying Judas, and a centurion who will drive the nails because it’s his job.” ~ Lloyd John Ogilvie [Read more...]

7 Ways to Destroy a Friendship

For those of you who are reading Jesus Now and want to let your friends know about it, there is now a list of quotes from the book that you can publish on Twitter and Facebook. Just go to the book landing page – – and scroll to the bottom. Also, we redid the [Read More...]

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