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I want to meet you in person. Over the years, I’ve traveled to many states and countries.* So there’s a good chance I’ve already been where you live. I have one more trip planned this year. And then I’ll be looking at invitations for 2016. I love meeting my readers in person, whether it’s at [Read More...]

OUTLIERS: How the Political Culture Reflects the Spiritual Culture

Right now, August 2015, the leading presidential candidates in the USA on both the Republican side and the Democratic side are outliers* — people who stand outside the world of professional, establishment politics and politicians. The same current is rippling through the spiritual world. There’s a growing stream of evangelical Christians who are moving away from shallow, superficial, party-line, [Read More...]

Getting Real: An Interview with Gretchen Carlson

If you watch cable news, you’re no doubt familiar with Gretchen Carlson. Gretchen has just released a new book called Getting Real which contains her life story. I caught up with Gretchen recently to discuss her new book. Enjoy and grab a copy! In your book, you give people an inside peek behind the TV personality. [Read More...]

The Perfect Song for the Trump vs. Bush vs. Clinton Drama

[Read more...]