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A Ministry Dream Team

A quick reminder that my Rethinking Series and Entire eBook Library are discounted until Tuesday, July 14th. You can get the Sampler here to check it out. Again, this set contains never-before-published material. The content isn’t repeated in any of my other books. And these only come in eBook versions (Kindle, PDF, Nook), but you can print [Read More...]

A Word About Advertisements on Patheos

We are making this a sticky post so it’s on the front page of my Patheos blog at all times. Patheos is called a multi-faith platform, however, it has an Atheist and a Pagan channel, making it a non-Christian blog platform in our view. At the same time, it does feature some Christian channels on [Read More...]

Give-Away Book & Your Questions About the Holy Spirit

I just returned from Urbana, IL. Honored to be the keynote speaker at the Christian festival there. Someone took these shots while I was delivering my “Stairway to Heaven” message. One of the people helping with the conference encouraged me to wear the hat while speaking since all the musicians at the festival were wearing hats [Read More...]