The #1 Reason Why Authors & Bloggers Fail

Disclaimer: If you aren’t a writer, a blogger, an author, someone who has a business or ministry, just skip today’s post and check out my FAQ page which has been updated recently. Aside from spiritual and theological questions, which I’m often asked, the most frequent questions I receive are from bloggers and authors who ask [Read More...]

5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Mentor

Before I get into the subject of today’s post, let me update you on my “Shocking Beliefs” series that I started here on the Patheos blog network. The title “shocking” is subjective. Some of the points in the series have been shocking, even stunning, to some Christians, while other points haven’t been. At the beginning of each [Read More...]

A 21st Century Solution to a 1st Century Challenge

Today, I interview the founder of – a new evangelistic website. Check out the video below and enjoy the interview! (If you are getting this post by email, you may not be able to see the video. So just click on the heading of the post, and you’ll be taken to the blog so [Read More...]

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