How My Faith in Christ Shapes My View of Mental Illness

Adrian Warnock is asking how we see mental illness and how our faith shapes the way we understand it. I posted on this subject last month in 3 Christian Responses to Mental Illness and which one, I believe, is closest to Scripture. But in answer to the question, as a person who believes the Bible, [Read More…]

Anointed for Burial

From the lips of Lazarus . . . Living after you have died is strange. You appreciate life like never before. Martha’s lentil soup never tasted so good. Even the capers, which I had never relished, were suddenly exquisite. It had been months since Jesus brought me back to the realm of the living. And as was His [Read More…]

Free eBook – WHERE’S GOD?

If you haven’t received it yet, get my new eBook co-authored with 20 other leaders – Where’s God? What to do when God doesn’t have your back. [Read more…]

Theological Books & Bible Commentaries That I Recommend

Ever since I’ve been a Christian, I’ve loved books. In fact, I never loved books until I became a believer. Oftentimes, readers ask me what books I recommend. Hence, I created my Best 100 Christian Books Ever Written list. Today, I want to feature the Best 100 Theological Works and Commentaries. All of the books [Read More…]