The Christian’s Relationship to the Law

In this episode of the Christ is ALL podcast, I talk about the Christian’s relationship to the Law. Romans 7 and 8 turned into a parable. It’s only 11 minutes long and is an excerpt from an interview I did with Ray Edwards. You can listen to it in any of these formats. iTunes Subscribe [Read More...]

Many Are Called, But Few Can Stand It

Excerpts from Finding Organic Church, 2009. – “It was in that three-year period of living in an intense, shared-life community with Jesus Christ as Center that the Twelve were exposed, tried, and broken. It was within that corporate context that they learned the priceless lessons of relatedness, forbearance, patience, long-suffering, humility, forgiveness, dependence, and compassion. [Read More...]

Getting Rid of a Sectarian Spirit Once and For All


When I was in my early 20s, I had wonderful fellowship with an older brother in Christ who was part of the Plymouth Brethren. We disagreed on a few doctrines (I didn’t buy into the pretribulational rapture theory, and I believed that God still healed people supernaturally). That aside, we both held to the orthodox [Read More...]

Gadget of the Week: Episode #7

If you travel or do serious work at the home or the office, and you want to turn off all the noise that surrounds you so you can focus, then a noise-canceling headphone is the way to go. I recommend the Bose QuietComfort 15. If you find this post helpful, you are free to ADD A [Read More...]

How to Read 30 Books in One Week

For the both of you who got hot under the collar because I interviewed the founder of Leaders Book Summaries last month (you both had an allergic reaction to the word “leaders”), I wish to remind you of three things: 1. I have NEVER been anti-leader or anti-leadership. 2. I have said repeatedly (and ad [Read More...]

My Review of Dr. Michael Brown’s AUTHENTIC FIRE

Dr. Michael Brown’s 400+ page Authentic Fire is more than a critique. Yes, the book interacts with Dr. John MacArthur’s Strange Fire. But one doesn’t have to read MacArthur’s book to benefit. This is a presentation of the Holy Spirit’s continued supernatural ministry today. With respect to the criticism of MacArthur against Charismatic Christians, Brown [Read More...]

Epic Jesus: The Christ You Never Knew

Every seasoned minister of God’s Word has a “sugar stick” message. That’s the one that burns the barn down. It’s a preacher’s flagship . . . signature . . . gully-washer. Someone who speaks often once asked me what my “sugar stick” was. I really don’t have one because I rarely if ever repeat a [Read More...]

10 Reasons Why I Left the Institutional Church & Sought the Ekklesia

It’s funny. We still live in a celebrity culture. Even Christians have chewed hard on it. Whenever a celebrity Christian author or blogger talks about “leaving church,” all of a sudden masses of Christians think a “new conversation” has suddenly began and people left and right start firing off opinions. [Cough.] A few words about [Read More...]

Gadget of the Week: Episode #6

For people who are on the computer a lot (that would be me), the proper keyboard is crucial. I didn’t know how important a keyboard was until I started experimenting with different models. The standard keyboards that are enclosed with new computers upon purchase aren’t worth a warm bucket of spit (to quote one erstwhile [Read More...]

How (Not) to Correct Another Christian

When I was a young Christian in my late teens, I was “rebuke-happy.” I had no problem confronting and correcting the faults of others. The people I looked up to modeled this to me, and I benightedly followed their example. I knew the Scriptures well; so I was cocked and loaded for bear with my [Read More...]