Book Sale

Last week, slashed the prices of Jesus Now and Revise Us Again on Kindle. But those sales are off now. However, you can get my entire library at a huge discount here. Also, you can now get free quotes from JESUS NOW that you can copy and paste on your Twitter feed and Facebook [Read More...]

What Are Your Dreams & Aspirations?

If you’re new to the blog, I’ve been working on a series of digital journals (for the Kindle, Nook, and PDF) called The Rethinking Series. The content of those journals is largely based on the survey you did earlier this year where I asked you what your greatest struggle was as a Christian. Hundreds of you responded [Read More...]

A Tale of Two Missiles

Ballistic missiles know their target and they never change course. Once a ballistic missile leaves the ground, it’s going to hit the spot in which it is aimed, no matter what. The problem, however, is that the targets got smart. The targets learned to move while the missile didn’t. For this reason, cybernetic missiles were invented. A cybernetic missile, once [Read More...]

What Does Jesus Think About the AIDS Epidemic?

I vividly remember when AIDS was all the rage . . .  and the fear, among Americans. It was first discovered in 1981, and to date, the disease has killed over 25 million people. In 2009, over 33 million people were living with HIV including over 2 million children. In the 80s and early 90s, [Read More...]