New Concept in Christian Music – This is So Awesome

I once spoke at a conference in Kentucky. I delivered 3 messages on God’s Favorite Place on Earth. Those messages gave the people who attended the conference an early peek at the book by the same name. It was the first time I shared the content of the book. After one of the sessions of [Read More…]

New Book on the Eternal Purpose

As one who has been writing on the Eternal Purpose of God for the last decade, it’s rare to find another author who is writing on this subject in our time. Recently, I discovered another author who is writing on the subject. His name is Henry Hon and he’s written a new book entitled One: [Read More…]

Alice Cooper on Jesus

After I wrote Bono on Jesus (which went viral) then John Lennon on Jesus: The Untold Story, one of my readers said, “When are you going to write about Alice Cooper?” So here it is. I will own that I had no idea that Cooper converted to Christ until I read the above comment. And [Read More…]

Are Good Works Bad?

Many who teach grace make it seem as though “good works” are bad and should be avoided. But this is a distortion of Scripture. In this podcast episode, I weighs-in on the outreach vs. inreach debate among Christians (evangelism/social justice vs. community/communion), approaching it from a unique perspective and giving a clarion call regarding God’s [Read More…]