4 Ways to Help the Poor, Plus 1

The following is a guest post by Kevin Ruffcorn. Enjoy! — The stoplight turns red. You brake to a stop. There in the median, next to your window is a shabbily dressed man. He has stringy hair and a week’s growth of beard. The cardboard sign that he’s holding reads, “Need help. Hungry, Homeless Veteran. [Read More…]

Time Stewardship: 3 Steps To Greater Time Management

The following post was written by Daniel Passini. Enjoy! — Stewardship is often thought of in terms of only finances with little regard for anything else. There is often little thought on how we spend our limited resource of minutes and hours each day. What if stewardship isn’t just about money but encompassed how we [Read More…]

A Problem with Prayer – Can You Answer This?

I posted the following problem on my Facebook wall. If you don’t have an answer to it, please share the link to this post with someone whom you regard to have a deep spiritual walk and insight into the Scriptures and kindly ask them to post their answer in the comments. It would surely benefit [Read More…]

Why did Jesus say judge but also judge not?

For years, I’ve been intending to write about the “judge” vs. “judge not” paradox in the New Testament. Well, the recent presidential primary smackdown in the USA has given me the necessary motivation to do so. The article was difficult to write, but I trust you’ll find it of value. GO HERE TO READ IT [Read More…]