5 Reasons Why People Leave Their Church

Based on my experience and observation over the last 30 years, here are the five top reasons why people leave their local assembly (church). (1) It’s boring – this is especially true for those who leave the traditional/institutional church. The service is basically the same show every week. There’s no room for spontaneity or creativity from the congregation. Elsewhere, George [Read More...]

The Junia Project – Setting the Sisters Free

As many of you know, much of my work is designed to set God’s people free from man-made religious constructs, concepts, and constraints. And that includes setting our sisters in Christ free — those who make up half the believing priesthood. Recently, I caught up with Gail Wallace of the The Junia Project to discuss [Read More...]

The Insurgency Began & You Missed It

The 106th podcast episode just released. It’s called “The Insurgency Began and You Missed It” in which I talk about the present Revolution. Listen in the following venues: iTunes Subscribe (for Apple devices)   Beyond Pod (for non-Apple devices)   If you don’t use a smart phone, then click here to see the complete list of episodes on one page, [Read More...]

50 Things the Holy Spirit Does

This post on the 50 things the Holy Spirit does is an excerpt from my new book, Jesus Now: Unveiling the Present-Day Ministry of Christ. This book includes many lists like this one while highlighting the 7 aspects of Christ’s present-day ministry. In some denominations and movements, the Holy Spirit is overemphasized, leading to a [Read More...]