Young men and women are looking for heroes. The same is true for Christian young men and women. We need heroes to admire and look up to. We need heroes who can inspired us . . . people who have gone ahead of us. We need men and women of God upon whose shoulders we [Read More...]

NoiseTrade Books

Perhaps you’ve heard of it. Perhaps not. But NoiseTrade has turned the music industry upside down. It’s wisely connected musicians directly to listeners by offering free music downloads. The music marketing startup was founded in 2008. And it has now expanded its platform to help authors and publishers to let people know about their books. [Read More...]

Jesus Isn’t Contained in Our Boxes

Just when we think we’ve solved Jesus, He turns the tables on us. Jesus often comes to us in unexpected ways and through unexpected means. Just think about how He came to Earth. For centuries, Israel had waited for a political Messiah. They expected Him to lead a rebellion and free Israel from Roman oppression. [Read More...]

Nailing a Common Problem in Female-Male Relationships

It’s been some time since I’ve  posted in the “humor” category. But this short video is priceless as it underscores — with a creative dose of humor — what many behavioral experts have been saying for years: Women want a guy to just listen and understand while men just want to fix the problem. [Read more...]