I Have BIG News! Time-Sensitive Post – Read Now

Hi Friends, I’m jazzed! I’ve got two important things to share with you. FIRST: the best book I’ve ever written to date – God’s Favorite Place on Earth – is available at no charge in Kindle, Nook, and PDF until Tuesday, February 3rd. I managed to persuade my publisher to make it available to all [Read More...]

In Quest for the Church After God’s Own Heart

From the ages of sixteen to twenty-three, I traversed the landscape of evangelical Christianity. I became part of the following denominations: Southern Baptist, Independent Baptist (a completely different species from the Southern Baptists), Mennonite, Christian and Missionary Alliance, Church of Christ (non-instrumental), Presbyterian, Episcopalian, Assemblies of God, Church of God, and countless stripes of charismatic [Read More...]

Church Zero


Today, I interview Peyton Jones about his recent book, Church Zero. Enjoy! What is church zero about? Peyton: Church Zero is a book about radically rethinking the direction that churches are building in. The last time I checked, Jesus gave the church directives that focused us outwards. Instead, we’ve focused on building the church upwards. [Read More...]

Energize Your Bible Study: 3 Ways to Study Better with Logos 6


This is it: 2015 is the year you’re going to do deeper, more engaging Bible study. Oh, and it’s also the year you’re going to spend more time with family, exercise five times a week, consume vast amounts of kale, start writing that novel, and, if there’s time, achieve world peace. While you’re pretty much [Read More...]