Announcing a Change – Important Read

I’m announcing a change that will effect all of you who subscribe to this blog. Jesus gave us a particular model for ministry. One tier of His ministry was to the masses wherein He gave specific ministry to the multitudes. Another tier of His ministry was to 70 people whom He sent out on a special mission. A third tier [Read More...]

The Unsearchable Riches of Christ

My close friend and co-worker Jon Zens just released the 40th anniversary edition of his amazing little periodical, Searching Together. The new issue is tremendous. Here’s a vintage photo. Listen, if you subscribe to this blog, you’d be wise to subscribe to this magazine. It’s only $10 a year for a subscription, and it will be mailed [Read More...]

Race, the Church, and Ferguson

Recently on the “The Deeper Journey” website, I wrote an article called A Jesus Response to the Race Problem & Ferguson. If you feel it’s valuable, share the link to the article with your friends. (There share buttons below the article.) Click the image below to read the article. — [Read more...]

Slam the Door on Cancer! A Great New Book to Prevent & Heal Cancer

According to friends who are older than me, people hardly ever heard of someone getting cancer 30 years ago. It was a rarity. Today, however, it’s all too common. On that score, Jacquie Woodward has written a marvelous book based on research and her own proven experience called Slam the Door on Cancer. I liked the book so [Read More...]