Keep the Love On

Following Jesus Christ is counter-intuitive. Always has been. In His famous “Sermon the Mount,” Jesus teaches that life in the Kingdom of God is antithetical to what most mortals think and feel. For instance, if someone attacks you, Jesus says don’t defend yourself nor retaliate. If someone mistreats you, forgive them. If someone offers sincere [Read More...]

The New Parish

The New Parish is a new book by Tim Soerens, Paul Sparks, and Dwight Friesen. As someone who has written a great deal on ecclesiology myself, InterVarsity Press sent me a copy of the book. Instead of writing a review, I thought it would be better to interview all three authors. Instead of asking, “what is [Read More...]

Attention Pastors

Quick Update: My entire library (all my print books as a discounted Box Set) now includes my newest title, Jesus Now. Click here to check it out. Based on past surveys and comments, a percentage of the people who read this blog, who listen to the podcast, and who read my books on Jesus Studies (e.g., Jesus Manifesto, Jesus [Read More...]

When Celebrity Authors Say They No Longer Attend Church


In February of this year (2014), a celebrity Christian author wrote an article on why he doesn’t attend church anymore. It created a firestorm all throughout the Christian blogosphere. Really? Haven’t we gotten past this yet? Let me explain. Two ludicrous things were at work. 1. Pastors were pushing-back on the celebrity author, reprimanding him [Read More...]