Where Are the Other Nine? A Thanksgiving Message

REMINDER: My discipleship course closes after Black Friday, November 28th, and it’s presently on discount. The same for my Box Set (containing all 10 of my books). It’s on discount until Friday, November 28th as well. If you’re like me, you are sometimes given to periods of discouragement. It’s easy to get caught up in [Read More...]

Shocking Beliefs of Jonathan Edwards


“It takes God a long time to get us to stop thinking that unless everyone sees things exactly as we do, they must be wrong. That is never God’s view.” ~ Oswald Chambers If you’re new to the “Shocking Beliefs” series, I’ll open this post by quoting from the preface to the first installment on [Read More...]

A Solution For Those Who Want to Read But Don’t Have Time

Whether you are a leader or anyone who loves to be educated through books, but you don’t have time to read all the books you desire to learn from, Leaders Book Summaries may be the ticket you’ve been looking for. And best of all, it’s FREE for my readers for an entire month with no [Read More...]

Is it Okay for Christians to be Rich?


Only 8 more days until my discipleship course LIVING BY THE INDWELLING LIFE OF CHRIST closes again. It’s presently on big discount. It won’t reopen again in several months and it will not be discounted. The following is from Shane Claiborne in answer to the question, “Is it Okay for Christians to be Rich?” Give [Read More...]