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It’s Time to Expand Yourself

The following is a guest post by Lee Wilkerson. — Some years ago, when my son was around 10 years old, he brought home a library book about bees. For some time I was treated to pictures and facts about bees, and that was that- for about 6 months. Then, out of nowhere came the [Read More…]

6 Steps to Making New Friends

The following is a guest post written by Mark DeJesus, a member of the Buzz Community – a premium community made up of writers, authors, and bloggers who help one another. — Our greatest need is to love and be loved, which flows in the context of relationships. One of the best places to process [Read More…]

Questions Are the Answer: An Interview with David Hayward

David Hayward is a friend of mine. Best known as “the nakedpastor,” David is an artist. And a good one at that. As with most of my friends, we don’t agree on everything. Including our beliefs about Scripture, God, politics, church, etc. But unlike some religious people, that doesn’t prevent me from befriending them. (This [Read More…]