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Hi Friends,

If you tried to get my my new discipleship course – – and you use AVAST, you may have gotten a false malware alert blocking you from the site.

That alert has finally been removed. Unfortunately, AVAST flags all clean sites if another site that is using the same IP address is infected.

So it’s guilt by IP address association.

AVAST is the only antivirus program that does this to my knowledge, and it’s not a good feature at all.

If you have a computer, one of the MOST IMPORTANT investments you can make is to have a reliable antivirus/malware program.

It’s worth every penny. It will save you from heartache and losing data. It will also spare you from being blocked from clean sites.

I’ve been hit with viruses in the past and it’s no fun.

Now . . . I’ve used them all: AVAST, Norton, Trend Micro, McAfee, Kaspersky, etc.

And the security program I stand by which is superior to all of them and very reasonably priced is ESET.

I first heard about ESET from Leo Laporte, the Tech Guy. And well, he was right.

It’s by far the best program out there, by far and away.

And it’s inexpensive.

What I love about it is that it’s LIGHT and the CUSTOMER SERVICE is excellent!

And there are no annoying updates.

You can get ESET on discount by using my link.

You won’t be sorry and you’ll never look back.

Click here to get ESET on discount

The second option after scrolling down is the most inexpensive. 

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  • Christopher Bowen

    Frankly, Frank maybe it is time to get a iMac computer which does not need all those virus protection software.

  • DinahC


    when I tried the link the message stated that this was available for North America only ….

    is there any free program that you can recommend?

  • Chuck Stark

    This is not a paid advertisement! :-) I’ve used these 4 free programs for years now and recommend them to everyone. AVG FREE Antivirus, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware FREE, Spybot’s Search & Destroy, and CCleaner. All available from and work well together.