Blessed by Less

Blessed by Less by Susan Vogt is a practical manual about clearing your life of clutter by living lightly.

This very slim, but powerful book teaches people how to lighten their loads and why that is so important.

In a day of consumerism and materialism, Blessed by Less invites readers into the blessing of having less.

Vogt begins the book by explaining how less is better. She addresses the question how much is enough and how much is too much. She then gives practical insights on rules of thumb for living lightly.

Vogt discusses being prudent, being responsible, and being wise. She discusses how to be generous and fair.

She then launches into tips on how to save money. This includes how to buy less, how to eat less, how to share borrow and trade.

She discusses clothing, books, games, and even electronics. She then she issues a 40-day strategy to become freer and more generous.

I love the practicals she gives. It turns the concepts into concrete realities that have handles on them.

Vogt discusses the principle of waste. How to waste less, how to waste less energy and how to create less garbage. She touches on worry and hurry and even launches into a discussion on fate and the difference between cheap faith and deeper faith.

Finally, she closes the book with some vexing questions and decisions.

The book has a Catholic feel to it, however, it’s great for Protestants and Orthodox Christians. It’s structured in a very simple way. It’s broken up into sections, numbered lists, and bullet points which makes the book easily scannable and digestible.

Her insights are sound and they come out of her own experience (which is a plus).

If you are someone who has encumbered with clutter, Blessed by Less is the practical manual and guide you’ve been looking for.

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  • Brian Bowman

    Reminds me of:

    “There are two possible courses to affluence. Wants may be ‘easily satisfied’ either by producing much or desiring little.”

    ~Marshall Sahlins, professor of anthropology, University of Chicago
    The Original Affluent Society