Theology Doesn’t Have To Be a Bloodsport

Theology doesn’t have to be a bloodsport. It can be a civil and intellectually honest conversation.

However, much of the problem today is that Christians use different conversational styles when they argue theology.

So the disagreement is very often rooted in semantics rather than substance. For details, check out this blog series:

Introducing Spiritual Conversational Styles

The Charismatic Spiritual Conversational Style

The Quoter Spiritual Conversational Style

The Pragmatic Spiritual Conversational Style

This series is excerpted from my book Revise Us Again. The book goes into more detail. Endnotes are included in the book as well.

Frank Viola

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  • http://eabussey.wordpress.com EA Bussey

    Read this full series for the first time this morning. I get what you are saying, but don’t think I lean in any of these directions when communicating. I can recall using these styles at different times in my life, but now only see glimmers of them from time to time. Wonder what that makes me? :)

    I guess my thoughts are that God has all of us on a journey to discovering Him and we are each made unique; each learning and growing at a pace He has designed specifically for our personalities. The most important thing in any theological conversation is to consider the heart, that is where God looks. If we focus more on the heart that loves the Lord, then the hows and whys of communication don’t create such a barrier.