Death by Living

N.D. Wilson’s new book Death by Living is a unique piece of writing.

I’m unfamiliar with Wilson and his work. But I am familiar with Thomas Nelson, as they are my publisher also.

Reading Wilson’s book was interesting in that his writing style and message is more like poetry and prose blended together.

It’s written in such a way that some readers will laugh and cry at the same time.

Wilson speaks to both head and heart. But the wordsmithing is something that reminded me of Calvin Miller’s The Singer in some ways.

Wilson’s point is that from the moment you are born you begin to die. Indeed, the death process begins right there. Our bodily temple is decaying, as the New Testament says.

The big idea is that since you and I will one day die, live for every moment. Live life as if it’s going to end.

Do things that matter.

Say things that will be timeless.

You can’t change the past.

It’s written in concrete.

But the present and the future are open for all to navigate and even create.

Wilson wants his readers to live as God intended.

Get busy with living because death is at the end of the gate.

However, for the believer, we never really die. Jesus promised so much. That’s why the New Testament doesn’t talk about the death of the saints, but we sleep.

Don’t go and build a theology around that word. It just means the sting of death has been removed. We sleep and we’ll be awakened one day when Jesus returns and the resurrection occurs.

Wilson, a story teller, frames life as a story we write and participate in at the same time.

All told, if you’re looking for a theological discussion on life and death, this book isn’t it.

If you’re looking for a fun read with words put together in a neat way, and a message to ponder, this is a good book.

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