Does God Hate Gays? A Reformed Minister Shares His Experience with Same-Sex Attraction

Recently, Adrian Warnock interviewed his friend, a Reformed minister who experiences homosexual attraction.

Click here to take a look at the interview and Adrian’s blog post.

Make a comment below and let us know your reactions and thoughts.

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What Are Your Thoughts?leave a comment
  • Im going on a blog break so apologise for not being able to answer this appropriately. I suggest you actually watch the interview, you might find it more interesting. But this post demonstrates exactly what I mean. We have a challenge ahead of us. I don’t think that old way of being hateful towards homosexuals will work for the church, and I don’t think it is biblical either. I think that way is dead. The choice ahead for the church is whether to go down the route that has been advocated by Steve Chalke and Rob Bell among others, or to find a middle way. Allberry is carefully arguing for a middle way. And he does so having experienced something that I never have. When I am back from my blog break I would be happy to chat with you some more about how you felt about the video itself, or perhaps even his book. But for now, I am tapping out. See you in September!

  • P.S. Have a look at my posts on race (recent) and John Lennon on Jesus. I’d like to see those get more visibility. Thanks!

  • I’ve posted hundreds of articles to date. Many on controversial topics. Adrian is a friend and he asked me to post it to get feedback from readers. A Reformed minister talking about this issue from that vantage point is uncommon. Interestingly only you have commented so I guess it’s not that hot of an issue. Anyways, must run. Have a great weekend.

  • David

    Thank you, Frank. Seriously, though, I’d very much like to see you weigh in here with your reasoning for this post. This is no time for the church to be getting weak-kneed about the attacks of the devil that are coming in the guise of “rights” for a vicious category of sinners who are destroying our country, as they did Rome, with their offenses against God and the family.

  • David: Nothing has been moderated out. I don’t moderate comments. The Blog Manager gets to each comment when able. Weekends are difficult. If you read all the posts I’ve written, you’ll find that I’ve posted contrary views on pornography, cussing, and other issues and then I throw it out to my readers for them to weigh in and give their thoughts. This one is no different. If you read the last statement on the post, it says “Make a comment below and let us know your reactions and thoughts.” I trust that helps. I’m glad you and Adrian are conversing.

  • David

    No, what I have to say was just moderated out, and my respect for Frank and his otherwise much-needed message has suffered what may well be a fatal blow.

  • David

    “Does God hate Gay people”? There is NO SUCH THING as “gay people.” There are people who commit the sin of homosexuality, and we call them homosexuals, but they are not a category of people (like blacks, or women, or quadriplegics) who cannot help what they “are” as they would have us to believe. So, right off the bat, regardless of whatever Sam may have to say, your title is wrong and misleading.

    “Homosexual attraction,” huh? And we should just accept that idea, as if it’s something common or somehow “normal” to experience that? Seriously, Adrian, what if his “attraction” were little girls … or old widows living alone … or farm animals? Would you be showcasing his “victory” over those temptations? And on the basis of what – that there’s a fairly large “community” of folks who classify themselves that way and who (wonder why?) seek each other out and hang together?

    “Challenging issue”? “How society views us”? You’re looking in the wrong direction, sir! It is an “issue” only because those who are backing the homosexuals in the bigger agenda (which is NOT homosexual rights, but the distraction and destruction of the church) have convinced people like you that it is an issue. You are playing right into their hands.

    “Homophobic”? There you go again, gracing wicked, vile sinners of the basest sort with a categorical title that somehow should be deserving of some sort of special respect!

    “Accepting of homosexuals in churches”? Why stop there? Why not more accepting of child molesters – not the secret ones but the ones who come right out and wear the title proudly? See, if you have the slightest push back against what I’m saying, classifying the sin of homosexuality with any other sex sin, you don’t have a clue or care what God says in His Word about the matter.

    “Christians who will struggle with the conflict between their faith and their sexuality”? Oh, so you think that one has a “sexuality” that is individual and apart from what God created men and women to be?

    At least Sam had the decency to say that it is not appropriate to act on the basis of one’s anti-Biblical temptations. While you, Adrian, are excusing it as something that we Christians might need to be more open-minded about.

    Frank, WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING putting this on your blog?

  • Did you actually watch the video? If so I’d be interested in your response to what he actually said.

  • David

    But, Adrian, it is not “celibacy” if he chooses to resist his sinful desires. Celibacy is choosing to remain unmarried, and homosexuals cannot marry in the eyes of God … can they? There are a lot of people out there with a lot of wicked desires. So, do we acknowledge them and celebrate with them their sometimes choice to refrain from their wickedness? Get real.

  • Did you watch the video? My friend explains that he is not attracted to women but because of his understanding of the gospel he has chosen celibacy. I think we have to accept that their are people like Sam out there. What man doesn’t have sexual desires from time to time towards someone other than his wife that he resists?

  • David

    It appears that this is starting from the same basic flawed premise – that homosexuals ARE instead of homosexuals DO. One cannot “feel a same-sex attraction,” choose to not act on it, and count himself as “celibate.” Even having that conversation is buying into the lie. We don’t make excuses for men who desire more than their wives as being “born polygamist,” do we? Nor for perverts who lust after little children. Nor for people who were “born thieves” nor for any other sin that is defined by lust around it and the act itself. Yet, if we allow ourselves to categorize those who would “burn in their lust for other men, working in themselves that thing that is unseemly, leaving the natural use of the woman,” as a class by themselves, we allow them to make the argument that they were born that way. We were ALL born sinners, but our sin is not to define us. We are to overcome it with the blood of the Lamb, not to pat ourselves on the back for choosing to remain “celibate” from it.