Support a Powerful Ministry & Personal Friend

Jeffrey Harley is a friend of mine. He pastors an inner-city church in Philly and helps the poor, the marginalized, and some of the most difficult cases you and I will ever see in this life, serving as chaplain at a Christian rescue mission.

Jeffrey is a member of The Deeper Christian Life Network and he attended MinistryMind 2017, where I got to spend quality time with him and a number of other ministers. (I call Jeffrey “Denzel” because he favors Denzel Washington, particularly in the manner in which he talks.)

I not only love what Jeffrey is doing on the ground, but the guy gets God’s Eternal Purpose. This is exotically rare among pastors today (tragically).

Anyways, some of us have been so impressed with Jeffrey’s ministry, and its challenges, that we have started giving to help support his work. (I will tell you that Jeffrey often gives out of his own pocket, money he doesn’t have, to meet the needs of others.)

I’m writing this post to introduce you to this man and his work, and encourage you to give to it.

Learn more by going to a CrowdRise page. If you have a heart the poor and the oppressed, this is a great ministry to support. I’m very selective on what ministries I support financially, and I can vouch for Jeffrey’s work.

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