Jesus Christ Remixed

For those who have found Jesus overly-familiar and the wonder, surprise, and excitement have all waned . . .

For those who have heard the same-ole,’ same ole’ about Jesus . . . He’s Savior, Lord, King (yawn), etc.

For those who have watched their first love grow lukewarm . . .

For those who think they have the corner on Jesus, “been there, heard that, got a closet full of T-shirts, tell me something new . . .”

For those who have come to the conclusion that modern-day Christianity is so shallow it couldn’t drown a gnat . . .

For those who are looking for something higher, richer, and deeper in the Christian faith . . .

If I’ve described you or anyone else you know, there’s good news. I’ve delivered a specific message for you. It has turned out to be the popular conference message I’ve ever delivered. I gave it at the Momentum 2011 Conference in Jacksonville, Florida. Thankfully, it was recorded so it can live-on past the moment.

The message summarizes every book I’ve written. Be sure to listen to the whole message. It builds and builds until the climactic, high-fever pitch, punch-line ending.

Click here to listen to the audio (streaming).

For iTunes users, click here. It’s the episode entitled Epic Jesus: The Christ You Never Knew.

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