Jesus Is Family

Jesus Is Family October 21, 2017

Jon Zens has written a small, but remarkable, new book. It’s called Jesus is Family: His Life Together.

I highly recommend it to all my blog readers.


Here’s a description from the publisher.

A.M. Fairbairn noted concerning the early church that “regarded as to its internal relating, it was a family…in the apostles’ day churches were so small that everyone knew every other and kept a watchful eye on one another.” Most people would readily admit that now the majority of churches have lost a vital family atmosphere. In Jesus Is Family, the contours of life together in Christ are unfolded in hopes that the Lord will birth committed groups in which the joys of Spirit-led family will be recovered.

In other news, here’s my on-going series on the kingdom of God. Click the banner to access all the articles.


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