New Concept in Christian Music – This is So Awesome

I once spoke at a conference in Kentucky. I delivered 3 messages on God’s Favorite Place on Earth. Those messages gave the people who attended the conference an early peek at the book by the same name.

It was the first time I shared the content of the book.

After one of the sessions of the conference, one of the young men in the audience announced that he had just written a song in his motel room during the afternoon break. The song was based on the messages I had delivered.

As we heard the song, we were all blown away. It was powerful and clearly anointed.

The young man’s name is Michael Sweet.

Michael has since perfected the song, added a new stanza, and professionally recorded it. You will also get the professionally recorded version as part of the 25 bonus gifts.

I’m confident you will be blessed by it.

Today, I interview Michael Sweet about how he wrote the song as well as his music ministry. The story is fascinating. Enjoy!

Tell us the story of how you wrote the song based on the messages I delivered on God’s Favorite Place on Earth. Where were you and how did the tune and the words come to you?

Well, I wrote the song Bethany in a bathroom of a Motel Six in Owensboro K.Y. My wife Johanna and I came out there from North Carolina to meet other saints seeking to know the Lord Jesus in a deeper, more intimate way and find out just where God’s favorite place was, exactly.

We were so blessed by the conference and happy to hear Owensboro was not the answer to our question! Lol. I’ve followed your writings for years, but the conference was more than what we anticipated.

The Lord Jesus was so magnified at that conference; we were overflowing with Him by the end of it.

From the conference, I learned that some of the most impacting, heart-wrenching, and downright mouth-dropping events in the Gospels happened in that little village. By the end of the conference, we had a pretty sound biblical understanding that Bethany was Jesus’ favorite place on earth during His very active ministry. I can’t wait for the book to come out!

Anyway, during the afternoon break at the conference we went back to the motel. My wife was taking a nap with the kids, so I locked myself in the bathroom. I broke out my guitar and tuned it down to a drop D and started picking some blues.

The song kind of wrote itself. I used a couple of Scriptures you used at the conference for the hook, and I thought it would be fun to write it in the first person, as if Jesus was telling the story Himself.

I remember wanting to write it from the position of His humanity, so it would be more identifiable for non-Christian people along with the saints of Christ. Well, in 30 minutes the song was pretty much done. Songs don’t always come that easy for me. I think I had a little help on that one. :-)

How and when did you get involved in writing songs and playing guitar?

My mom was a songwriter, and my dad plays covers for a living. So I’ve been around music most my life. I started writing poetry pretty early on. I didn’t really start writing music until I started traveling. I hitchhiked all around the country on and off since I was 15, and singing songs was a way to make a few bucks.

I wasn’t very good playing other people’s music, so I started writing my own. I figured back then that life was a collection of stories. So I wanted to write some good songs for my future grand kids. So they had to be my own songs.

What kinds of songs do you enjoy writing most about?

I think it was Bono who said “the best songs are either about running to or from Jesus Christ.” I agree with him.

What gives you inspiration to write lyrics and come up with tunes?

The tunes kind of just come to me. Then I grunt and moan till the lyrics follow. I’ve been trying not to write anything down on paper. It tends to be better that way. I think the Bono quote above best explains the inspiration part of the question.

Where can people go to check out your music?

People can hear some of my music, find shows, and book me through my web page.

If they want a CD, email me at and I’ll send you one!

By the way, I love playing house-shows, so holler if you want me to sing in your living room. :-)

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  • Steve Melvin

    Refreshing! I love seeing the transformation of our worship music. It is so uplifting in what Jesus has done for us through His wonderful Grace and Truth. I am looking forward to the pastors in my area to follow suit through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. There is still tons of legalistic chains being applied to the church. I love the grace awakening that I am seeing and a being blessed to be part of it though!

    Thanks so much for your refreshing views!

    It’s all about Jesus!