More Nee on The World System

Watchman Nee continues to explain what “the world system” is, saying, In the book of Genesis we find in Eden no hint of technology, no mention of mechanical instruments. After the Fall, however, we read that among the sons of Cain there was a forger of cutting instruments of brass and iron. A few centuries ago it might have seemed fanciful to discern the spirit of antichrist in iron tools, even though for long the sword has been in open… Read more

8 Common Mistake When Reading the Bible

8 Common Mistake When Reading the Bible – click to listen.   Read more

Breaking the Stronghold of Food

Dr. Michael Brown and his wife Nancy have released a new book entitled Breaking the Stronghold of Food. In their first-ever jointly authored book, Michael and Nancy share the inspiring, practical, and humorous story of their own journey from obesity to vibrant health. The book is designed to set you free from the stronghold of food and discover a wonderful new way of life. I caught up with Michael recently to discuss his new book. Enjoy! How does a person… Read more

New Testament Development of Old Testament Themes

F.F. Bruce’s New Testament Development of Old Testament Themes is a key work in the field of showing how the New Testament employ the Old Testament. While a small book, and not easy to read (unlike Bruce’s other books), Bruce traces the Messianic themes of the Old Testament and shows how the Gospels finish the story that the Old Testament tells about exile, God’s return, the victory of the Lord, etc. I still regard Bruce to be the greatest New… Read more

Love Not the World – But What’s the World?

Watchman Nee has written the best explanation of what the New Testament means by “the world.” He notes, (1) When we turn from the classics to the New Testament writers we find that their uses of kosmos fall into three main groups. It is used first with the sense of the material universe, the round world, this earth. For example, Acts 17:14, “the God that made the world and all things therein”; Matt. 13:35 (and elsewhere), “the foundation of the… Read more

Why Do Theologians Not Know This?

The most glorious picture of the ekklesia in the Old Testament. Click the link above to listen. Read more

Knowing the Plan or Meeting the Person?

The following is from Watchman Nee: “Men rejected Christ, not on the ground of what he did but on who he was, and they are invited to believe in what he is and who he is, and not, first of all, in what he has done. ‘He who hath the Son hath life.’ The appreciation of his work must come, but the main question is whether or not you have the Son, and not, first of all, whether or not… Read more

Alleged Discrepancies of the Bible

One of the most valuable books on the Bible is Alleged Discrepancies of the Bible by John Haley.   The book is so helpful that I included it in my Best 100 Christian Books Ever Written list. This is a remarkable book. It shows, clearly, that virtually every alleged contradiction in Scripture is not a real discrepancy at all. I first discovered it when I was debating atheists in my early 20s. The book was an enormous resource in that… Read more

Drew Marshall Interview

Here’s my first interview with Drew Marshall some 8 years ago. Time flies. We discuss the pagan origins of many of our Protestant church practices. Warning: It’s not for the faint in heart. Read more

My Response to John MacArthur’s STRANGE FIRE

Update: My entire critique of John MacArthur’s book STRANGE FIRE will be published in my upcoming Titan Collectible There Must Be More along with a number of other books I’ve written. Check it out here. Only a limited number of copies will be printed. Pre-orders will be taken in July. Question: Have you read MacArthur’s book? If so, what did you think? Read more