In the beginning, there was nothing at all. Nothing was short and nothing was tall. Nothing was big and nothing was small. In the beginning, there was nothing at all. God created us to enjoy and learn from stories, even from a young age. The Creator’s Toy Chest children’s book series brings beloved Bible stories to life for young children with vivid illustrations, youthful characters, and rhyming text perfect for reading aloud. With Seuss like quality, my friend Brett Blair has… Read more

Love him or loathe him, Donald Trump is a force of nature. Whatever can be said of him either negative or positive, the man is dramatic. Especially during interviews. But there is one man who trumps Trump. He first made his appearance on the 100th episode of my podcast. That’s when he first called in and the world discovered him. Then, my blog subscribers voted him in to have a full and exclusive interview with me in studio. And on… Read more

The following post is a guest article by Ami Tori. Enjoy! — Reciprocity is one of the most important components of a strong, lasting relationship between two friends. Being a good friend means returning the favor when someone pays for your dinner, picks up your son from school, or invites you over for a party. In fact, reciprocity in friendship stems from the golden rule: treat others the way you want to be treated. If you want to be asked… Read more

Well, boys and girls, I ended my “Christ is ALL” podcast. I explain why and what has replaced the podcast on the 125th episode of the show, the final episode. (Moment of silence.) Interestingly, Jon Stewart ended his show a few days before I ended my podcast. I won’t write the “great minds” line here, but the word on the street is that Stewart heard a rumor that I was ending my show, and well, [fill in the blank]. Cough. If you’re… Read more

To get 10% off, go here. This is it: The year you’re going to do deeper, more engaging Bible study. Oh, and it’s also the year you’re going to spend more time with family, exercise five times a week, consume vast amounts of kale, start writing that novel, and, if there’s time, achieve world peace. While you’re pretty much on your own with the majority of these resolutions (especially that kale one), there is a way you can do smarter,… Read more

Jeffrey Harley is a friend of mine. He pastors an inner-city church in Philly and helps the poor, the marginalized, and some of the most difficult cases you and I will ever see in this life, serving as chaplain at a Christian rescue mission. Jeffrey is a member of The Deeper Christian Life Network and he attended MinistryMind 2017, where I got to spend quality time with him and a number of other ministers. (I call Jeffrey “Denzel” because he… Read more

New years are wonderful. They hand you a reset button so you can reengineer your life. I’ve lived through beautiful years, mediocre years, hellish years, and years that were beyond mention and worthy to be repressed. Granted, much of what happens to us is beyond our control. But we are in control of our reaction to what happens. A few years ago, I discovered a certain recipe for posturing myself for having a great year. In this blog post, I… Read more

I’ve been blogging here on The Deeper Journey (Patheos) since 2014 and on Beyond Evangelical since 2008. What follows are my most popular blog posts of all time. Check them out by clicking on each link. Bono on Jesus Alice Cooper on Jesus Elvis on Jesus John Lennon on Jesus 3 Shocking Quotes by Billy Graham The Most Ignored Sin Stop Looking for an Organic Church! Is it Okay for a Christian to be Rich? The Swearing Christian: My 13… Read more

Today’s world is incredibly complicated. So much so that most of us are seeking ways to simplify our lives amid the blizzard of busyness. The trick to simplifying your life is to look at what you do in a given month. Then analyze what needs to be done from what can be removed or trimmed back. As an example, here are five ways that I’ve simplified my life in 2015. Perhaps some of them will inspire you and ignite your own ideas…. Read more

Beyond the age-old question of how a good God can allow evil to take place in His world is an even thornier question. The Bible repeatedly promises that God will protected His own people. How, then, do we make sense of those times where He appears to be AWOL when His people are in danger? And He doesn’t protect them? How do we reconcile this with Psalm 91 and all those other biblical texts promising protecting of God’s own? Well,… Read more

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