Tozer is one of my mentors. You can hear about the time I “met him” in one of my podcast episodes. Here’s what Tozer wrote about ownership. I do not mean by this that you cannot have things. I mean that you ought to get delivered from the sense of possessing them. This sense of possessing is what hinders us. All babies are born with their fists clenched, and it seems to me it means, “This is mine!” One of… Read more

As I explained in Jesus Now, the beginning of the Christian faith is fairly easy. And so is the last part of the journey. It’s the middle that’s incredibly difficult. There are usually two points in a believer’s life where they encounter a crisis of faith. This is especially true if God is using the person in powerful ways. One is when they are around 30 years old. The other is when they are in their 40s. I’ve watched many people fall away… Read more

There’s no question that the New Testament teaches that there will be various degrees of reward in the future kingdom. But it’s important that we don’t make the mistake (as many have) of elaborating on them beyond Scripture and codifying them into some sort of ironclad system. Scripture doesn’t give us details about this aspect of the kingdom. Although it certainly does teach rewards. For example, For no one can lay any foundation other than what is being laid, which… Read more

In John 5, Jesus made this insightful but sober remark: “How can you believe since you accept glory from one another but do not seek the glory that comes from the only God?” One of the major obstacles to faith and the cause of unbelief is the desire to receive glory from mere mortals, instead of receiving honor from God. My prayer: Lord, in all that I am doing, in all that I’ve done, and in all that I will… Read more

My friend Phil Cooke has come out with a new book co-authored with Jonathan Bock called The Way Back: How Christians Blew Our Credibility and How We Get It Back. I caught up with Phil to talk about his new book. Enjoy! As all authors know, readers have limited time and limited money. So when they want to know what an author’s book is about, what they are really asking is, “How does your book benefit me? Why do I… Read more

Gossip is a problem among many Christians. Amy Tori has written a guest article about gossip in the workplace. Enjoy! — Gossip in the workplace doesn’t always have malicious intent, as some of it can revolve around company news, curiosity and rumors. Regardless, gossiping in general comes with many consequences. It can spread throughout the workplace and have a lasting negative impact. To show just how toxic gossip can be, here are a dozen business owners to explain the various… Read more

Recently, I came across a fascinating remark from George Whitefield regarding John Wesley. Whitefield and Wesley were contemporaries who both had massive followings during their time. But they disagreed on a number of key theological points. Whitefield was much more a Calvinist while Wesley was much more an Arminian. In light of their doctrinal disagreements, someone once asked Whitefield if he thought he’d see Wesley in heaven. Here is Whitefield’s reply: “I fear not, for he will be so near the… Read more

The other day I was reading Luke 18, the beginning parable. Here’s what the Lord said, Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up. 2 He said: “In a certain town there was a judge who neither feared God nor cared what people thought. 3 And there was a widow in that town who kept coming to him with the plea, ‘Grant me justice against my adversary.’ 4 “For some time he… Read more

Here’s a new video – enjoy! Read more

While I no longer use Instagram, many of you do. Hence, this article. This is a guest post by Amy Tori on six Instagram tips for Christians. — With social media becoming more and more utilized in today’s society, it is becoming increasingly easier for different types of people to share their content and view that of others. With this increased connectivity, stumbling across malicious or harmful content has become startingly simple. However, we as Christians can do something to… Read more

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