Jonathan Cottrell recently interviewed me about the gospel of the kingdom and the present insurgence. Read it below. Enjoy! There have been many books written on the kingdom of God. How is your newest book, Insurgence: Reclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom, different?  That’s a great question. Let me begin by saying that I never choose to write a book. A book chooses me. I become so burdened with a message that I have to release it. The discomfort of keeping… Read more

What follows is the book description for my new book on the gospel of the kingdom – INSURGENCE. THE INSURGENCE HAS BEGUN DON’T MISS IT! Why does the allegiance that radical terrorists give to their false cause exceed the allegiance that most Christians today give to Jesus Christ? Have we lost the explosive, earthshaking gospel of the kingdom that Jesus, Paul, and the other apostles preached? Have we exchanged this dynamic, titanic, living gospel for a gospel of religious duty… Read more

If you are on my main email list (weekly UNFILTERED articles), this was sent to you yesterday. But sometimes emails don’t get seen. And not all of you are on that list right now. I’ve been waiting to make this announcement for over a year. And today is the day. My new book INSURGENCE: Reclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom is now available. Since August of last year, you’ve been getting my blog posts on the explosive gospel of the… Read more

It has been reported to me from Chloe’s household that millions of people from all over the world have been arrested for looting, breaking & entering as well as experiencing panic attacks, physical injury, and lengthy hospital stays trying to get their hands on my soon to release book INSURGENCE: Reclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom before it releases on June 5th … and I partly believe it. ~ Paraphrase of 1 Corinthians 1:11; 11:18. Thanks Paul. To prevent permanent… Read more

You can listen to 5 sessions of my Colossians series on the podcast – look for episodes 56-60. In the future, I plan to release the entire series on Colossians as a new Master Class called Immortal Mystery. If you would like access it, join the wait list.   Read more

One of my readers asked me to cover the subject of UFOs and aliens on this blog. I agreed. So here is what she wrote: —   Some pastors have told me that if they entertain that this is real, then it would undermine their faith and everything they know to be true. I had to back off because they are asking me not to tell them this is real to me, and therefore, I leave them with their faith… Read more

Enter now Moses and Aaron. These two men are leading the children of Israel in the wilderness. There arises a controversy over their leadership. Moses and Aaron are being challenged by some of God’s people. God says to Moses, “I want you to take a rod from each of the leaders of the tribes of Israel—twelve rods. And I want you to put them in the tabernacle” (see Num. 17:1–4). The rods were put in the Holy of Holies where… Read more

The following article was written by Jon Zens in 2008. Three things to keep in mind: 1. Most Christians never realize or understand the despicable, sub-human act that gossip and slander are in the eyes of God until it happens to them. 2. Zens is using the biblical definitions for “gossip” and “slander,” not the modern, American legal definitions. They are quite different. 3. Some people have wrongly used the biblical teaching against gossip and slander to contradict Jesus’ teaching… Read more

This post is a blast from the past. It’s the first post I published on October 22, 2012. I thought it would be interesting to revisit it today. If nothing else, it will re-establish the purpose and focus of this blog: — It’s always a privilege to “be there from the beginning” of any new venture. So if you’re reading this post, then welcome . . . and I’m glad you are present for our beginning. I’m honored to have… Read more

The 121st episode of the “Christ is All” podcast is available. It’s called Hacks to the Victorious Christian Life. And I’ve got a discussion partner for this one. As always, if you enjoy it, pass this post on (using the share buttons below) and be sure to subscribe in iTunes or Beyond Pod below. Listen to the episode in the following venues: iTunes Subscribe (for Apple devices)   Beyond Pod (for non-Apple devices) If you don’t use a smart phone, then click here… Read more

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