A Question About Podcasting – Asking for Your Feedback

One of my friends is huge on the importance of podcasting. He is so emphatic that he recommends that everyone who has a message for today learn the craft.

I started the Christ is ALL podcast in April 2009 (4 years ago). And so far, we have 71 episodes available.

Some are conference messages, some are radio interviews, some are first chapters of my books, some are humorous sketches, and some are just me talking about a subject.

I’d like to ask you all 4 questions which will help me to navigate the future of my podcast . . .

1. if you are subscribed to the podcast or you’ve listened to some of the episodes, which kinds of episodes do you like best? (e.g., conference messages, interviews, first chapters, humorous sketches, me just talking about a subject).

2. what topics would you like me to cover in the future?

3. how do you listen to podcasts . . . iTunes, RSS feed, or straight on the computer?

4. I usually podcast once a month on average. Would you like me to be more regular and podcast more or are you happy with once a month? Give me your honest preference here.

Thanks so much!

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  • Joyce Whitt

    I enjoy all types.. RussK’s second question being addressed interests me. Very excited about the Sept series on Indwelling Christ. Subscribed on iTunes. Want you to act as Spirit moves, rather than be tied to a schedule.

  • http://www.marriagemosaic.org Vic Woodward

    I would echo all of Brandon Smith’s top 4. Same for me.

  • http://projecttgm.com Brandon Smith

    1. Interviews!

    2. Practical theology

    3. Computer

    4. Once a month is enough. There is so much content on the web!

  • Jonathan Townsend

    1. Well Frank, I love the variety but I think the interviews have been especially good. The candid conversations are really good because many of the interviewers voice concerns and ask questions that many people have. Your responses are very helpful.

    2. Not sure. I definitely love any practical handles. Also, its good to hear what other believers are learning and struggling with. I feel like I’m getting in touch with a larger number of people when I hear reports of what others are learning and experiencing. We are in the trenches so my ears perk up to anything that might be helpful.

    3. RSS feed

    4. I’m happy with once a month. If you post too much, its too much for me to keep up with. Once a month allows time for digestion. When I see you have a new podcast up, I get excited and make sure to listen. If I kept missing them because they were too frequent, I might get used to missing them and they would become less rare and special.

  • Valeria T

    1. I like the podcasts of you just talking about a subject.

    2. I would very much enjoy hearing more of your personal story and how you came to your thoughts and things you write/speak about. Also I enjoyed your thoughts on spiritual instinct. Would love to hear/read more about it.

    3. podbean, but would prefer if I could just listen to them on your website without subscribing to i-tunes or some such.

    4. The more, the better.

  • Julio

    The conference messages in relation to the deeper Christian life are my favorites by far. I could listen to them every day on my android phone via i-tunes. Thank you Frank for being such a blessing to so many of God’s people, including me.

  • stephen

    1.love the podcasts and throw them on ipod as soon as one comes out. once a month or 2xs a month is great.
    2. I am encouraged and drawn in the most by the deeper christian life, current issues in the church etc. I like the tips on blogging and writing as well. The podcast are great to me because they remind me I am part of something bigger here.

  • http://danielnorlin.se Daniel Norlin

    Just an idea: Why not post these questions as a podcast and direct listeners to respond through your preferred channel?

  • Fernando Villegas

    1. I like the conference messages best.
    2. I’d like to hear more about the theme of living “In Christ”.
    3. I’m subscribed through the Podcasts app on my iPhone.
    4. Once a month is fine with me, as there are other podcasts that I also listen to; but I wouldn’t object if it was more regular.

    I appreciate your ministry! God bless!

  • Gina C

    2) Spiritual care and discipleship towards the mentally ill. Living out an accepting, loving, non-judgemental attitude towards unbelievers (God’s Spirit can do the convicting). How much faith is enough? Faith being a gift from God by it’s grace – not ours to earn, store brag about. The ministry of a pastor and what shepherding truly is. It’s not going on book tours and speaking engagements, it’s protecting your “flock”. The trend of celebrity pastors is not pastoral – they should be ambassadors or something else. This concept needs to be rethought. How the prosperity gospel is unbiblical.

    3) iTunes on an iPad

    4) Twice a month please – thanks pizane :)

  • Tom

    I am subscribed to your podcasts. I have listened to all the conference teachings on the Christ My Life topics and I have referred them to others as well. I download them from iTunes and listen to them directly on my computer. The interviews are interesting but I gravitate to the teachings more. For the future, I would love to hear more of the Christ My Life teachings as this revelation still has to be more boldly preached/taught/shared about, especially to those who “call” themselves Christians. Also, Frank I thank God that this message is finally reaching the affluent nations where it is accessible via the electronic media but the majority of the new wineskins are the nations that do not have access to the electronic media like you have in America and make up the two thirds world in the East. I have just come from the Philippines where I spent 2 months and am presently in one of the middle east cities where I am spending 5 months – how I wish there was some way that this message can be made accessble to them. Trust you will give this a thought.

  • Kelly

    1) I am subscribed and enjoy listening to you talk about a subject and conference messages.
    2) I would like to hear you talk about the concept of community (can you be “in” a community but not “have” community?), the indwelling Christ (not sure I grasp that concept yet), detoxing from religious traditions, encouragement while in “the wilderness” and when your spouse is not on the same page as you (feeling stuck and isolated).
    3) I listen to your podcost from my computer usually while I am cooking. I am in my late 50′s and am not technology up-to-date : )
    4) Regular podcasts sound great to me!

  • Frank Viola

    I’d love to, but I don’t know how to reach listeners . . . iTunes doesn’t give podcasters a list of subscribers. I assume that I’d find many listeners here. I am encouraged to see that some people didn’t know I had a podcast and have since subscribed.

  • Neil Kirby

    Conference messages and you just talking about a subject.
    Topics for the future indwelling Christ, body life and deeper journey stuff.
    I listen on RSS feed, I think. Usually tap a link on my phone and listen in the car.
    How often to podcast? I don’t know. I like your insight, but I wouldn’t want a forced message or an uninspired message out of duty to post.

  • Tom Ingram

    I think the question should be posed to your podcast listeners rather than your textual readers. Readers likely have a completely different take than listeners.

  • http://www.kellyjyoungblood.com Kelly J Youngblood

    I rarely listen to a podcast (or watch a video), though it happens sometimes. I much prefer to read, for multiple reasons. I don’t retain as much by listening, unless I am taking notes. If I read something, it can stay open on my computer screen for hours. If I attempt to listen to something, I also miss a lot because I can’t just sit at my computer for a length of time–there is always something I have to get done around the house and my two kids to take care of. And when kids constantly need you, you just can’t concentrate on listening to anything.

  • http://www.algumwood.com Christy Tennant Krispin

    I am not a subscriber (didn’t know you had a podcast) so can’t give feedback on the existing episodes.
    Topics that I’m interested in are women in leadership (in both sacred and secular contexts), social media, leadership in general, and the arts. I generally prefer interviews to one person just talking (there are exceptions). I listen to podcasts via iTunes. And once a month is fine for me.

  • Frank Viola

    Thanks Jennifer. You will see an iTunes subscribe tab on the Podcast page. Enjoy!

  • Frank Viola

    Paul: I don’t have a way of figuring out how many subscribers I have. I can only tell how many people listened to an episode. Usually between 3,000 and 10,000. Some more, some less. Is there a way to view the # of iTune subscribers?

  • Jennifer

    I am a recent subscriber and did not realize that you had podcasts.

    I usually subscribe to podcasts on iTunes so that I can easily download them onto my ipod for housework/dog-walking/insomnia purposes.

    I prefer fairly regular podcasts.

  • http://www.equipthem.com/blog Wes Schoel

    1. I rarely listen because I don’t have time to really give a podcast the attention it needs to be of benefit to me. When I do listen it is because the title/subject may have caught my attention. I prefer short, to the point podcast – no conference talks. I just don’t have the time for those 45 minute to an hour podcast.
    2. I don’t have any favorite subjects. If I do take time to listen it is when a title or subject catch my attention.
    3. I am subscribed on iTunes
    4. You could stop podcasting and I wouldn’t notice. Nothing against you or your message but as I said, I rarely have the time to give a podcast much attention. Unlike your friend, I don’t commute. I’ll read a blog if it can be done in about 5 minutes and I’ll save a longer one for later if I think it has content of benefit to me.

  • http://www.ourchurch.com @PaulSteinbrueck

    Frank, I think people tend to think certain media are more important than others based on their own media consumption. (People who blog think blogging is essential, people who watch videos think videos are critical, people who listen to podcasts think podcasting is important.) Personally, I don’t have a lot of time that is conducive to listening to podcasts (long commute, exercise) and I’m a visual learner, so I don’t listen to podcasts & would always prefer to read rather than hear your insight.

    This survey is a good idea, but I also encourage you to look at your analytics. How popular are your podcasts compared with other content? How does the subscriber growth compare?

  • http://bethelighttees.com/wordpress/?p=236 RussK.

    1. Podcasts which proclaim things which don’t get much airplay. Epic Jesus, Eternal purpose type stuff. They don’t have to be proclaiming, they can be conversational, its the subject/content that I’m drawing attention to..kinda answered question 2 with this..
    2. How to live by the indwelling life of Christ, specifically acknowledging some of the ways that are out there. These various ways have different merit and emphasis on various aspects – it would be cool to hear you weigh in on that. Another topic would be more practical advice and perspective for the in between church person. Not enough interest in their home town for organic church, maybe one foot in institutional church one foot out, or both feet out..how to not feel and act like a second class citizen, how to not project the situation onto God in terms of our identity, how to make the most of that time in their life. I could be way off, but I’m guessing this is the largest populous of your viewership, the largest group to be loved where they are at.
    3. Computer
    4. More please, and thank you for loving, thank you for living by His life, thanks for listening to your local body, and thanks for listening to us, to better know how to treat us, as to know how we would want to be treated.

  • http://quincyzikmund.com Quincy Zikmund

    1. I am subscribed and I find that I enjoy the conference messages the most.

    2. Honestly, more of what you have already been doing is awesome.

    3. iTunes

    4. Yours is pretty much the only podcast I listen to (I’m open to more recommendations) so more often would be cool

  • Greg

    1) I enjoy all of the things you have shared on the podcast. The conference messages are great, but I know those are limited in supply. I also really enjoy you just sharing about different topics.
    2) I don’t have a specific topic that I would like to hear about, but I know that I would like to hear more, if that makes sense.
    3) Subscribed on iTunes.
    4) I would like a more regular podcast. I listen to other podcasts as well, as I have a couple hours in the car every day. More podcasts please. :-)