The Best of Patheos! Introducing The Secret Honeycomb Secret

My new book, Jesus Now, has released. Check it out here.

I joined the Patheos team in October 2012. It was an honor to be invited to the Evangelical Channel.

I’ve made friends here.

I’ve  had great conversations with people who agree and disagree.

I’ve been encouraged.

I’ve been frustrated.

If you take a look at my archives page, you’ll see that I’ve written over 400 posts on this blog since Oct. 2012.

But Patheos has taught me something incredibly valuable. I discovered what kinds of blog posts go viral.

You see, I wanted to find out why some posts I wrote were duds and why others “buzzed” like crazy.

So I looked at all the posts that went viral and detected a pattern.

I call that pattern THE SECRET HONEYCOMB SECRET (trademark V-dog productions).

This strategy employs 6 different kinds of posts that are bound to go viral.

That said, here are my top 10 posts that have gone viral since I’ve been on Patheos. Take a look and share if you find any of them of value.

Happy 5th Year Patheos!

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