Your Questions About My TITAN – Discounted

Some of you have asked me great questions about my limited-edition Titan.

What follows are your questions and my answers (below the image).


1) How will your upcoming Titan benefit me? And who is it for exactly? I want to know why I should invest in this book. So much of your stuff is free, so why get it?

First, only about 30% can be found on my blog (though you have to dig deep to find it all). The rest of the material in the book is NOT available anywhere else. The content doesn’t appear in my published print books either. So this book will be new, even for my regular readers.

Also, these are NOT my “scrap” writings. I consider many of the chapters to be some of the best work I’ve done to date.

Here is what it covers and who it’s for:

Serious Reasons

* It’s for those who have read some (or all) of my other works and want some of my best writings that have never been printed, which go deeper into the themes.

* It’s for those who are part of a Christian community or plan to be in one. It includes my memoir about church and body life with dozens of lessons learned. It also addresses the dangers and the common problems, along with how to deal with them based on my experience in body life since 1988. It’s more detailed in this regard than any of my other works.

* It presents a fresh look at God’s eternal purpose and driving passion through the sections on “Magnificent Obsession” and “Rethinking the Mission.”

* It’s for any Christian who knows in their hearts, “There has to be more than this” (meaning, what they’ve been taught and what they’ve seen).

* It’s for those who would like my controversial book Straight Talk to Pastors, which was taken out of print, has been professionally edited and exclusively appears in the Titan.

* It’s for those who would like my critique of John MacArthur’s Strange Fire,  which was taken out of print, has been professionally edited and exclusively appears in the Titan.

* It’s for those who desire to get a fresh perspective on Christ and His kingdom that will warm the heart, edify the spirit, and inspire the soul.

* It’s for those who want all of my unpublished writings in one place. The table of contents gives readers an easy way to navigate the content.

* It’s for those who wish to contribute toward helping some of the poor and sick people we are trying to help (more on this below).

Humorous Reasons

* It’s for those who are looking for an excuse to buy a new coffee table (there’s a good chance that the Titan will break it immediately upon placement).

* It’s for those seeking a blunt force object for a time of need (who needs guns when you have a copy of the Titan on hand).

* It’s for those who are looking for a heavy, unmovable door stopper.

* It’s for those who own fireplaces and are looking for good kindling material that will burn for at least 8 hours (the 800 pages are constructed in such a way that they roast slowly).

* It’s for both my fans who desire to collect all my work. (My mother being one of them.)

Other needs and struggles the book addresses and seeks to solve:

  • Embracing a view of the baptism of the Holy Spirit that’s neither the Pentecostal view (tongues is the evidence) nor the cessationist view (the gifts of tongues no longer exists).
  • How to deal with worry and stress in ways that actually work.
  • For those in Christian community (or desire to be in one): How to handle the countless problems that will come up, which detract you and others from experiencing the centrality and fullness of Christ.
  • If you are in a leadership role (or plan to be) and want to avoid the numerous pitfalls that come with leadership: How to lead with impact and glorify Christ in the process.
  • The problem of lacking mentors in the deeper things of God.
  • Struggling with spiritual loneliness and lack of community.
  • Struggling to understand what the kingdom of God is exactly, and how to live in it now.
  • Lacking an understanding of the Bible and knowing how to read it with profit.
  • Opening the Bible and only seeing “blank” pages.
  • Struggling with distractions and the influences of the world.
  • Struggling with compromising with the world’s false narratives because of fear of persecution, being labeled haters, bigots, intolerant, closed-minded, idiots, and losing friends.
  • Struggling to find your purpose in the world.
  • Struggling with time management.
  • Understanding how Christ-centered community works and the problems associated with it.
  • Understanding what the Bible teaches about leadership and discipleship, exposing the false ideas around both issues.
  • How to have a deeper experience of the Holy Spirit and His power and gifts, without getting wacked out or going off the rails into unscriptural ideas and experiences.

2) Why are you calling this a collectible?

I have friends who collect antique automobiles. I have others who collect coins. I used to collect baseball cards. Today, I enjoy collecting things that I have an emotional and spiritual connection to. For that reason, I own every book printed by my key mentors (none of whom are alive today).

To me, there’s a certain ownership joy in holding something tangible, like a book. That joy is being lost in the digital world that we all live in today.

Our goal was to create an over-sized, gorgeous book that would be both valuable and rare. A keepsake, if you please.

Some have said the book is worth $400. The cost is far less than that, but the shipping fees to some countries are pretty high. Anyway, we want to bless others who are on the deeper journey with something they that they can hold and keep which will be timeless, cosmetically appealing, and inspiring.

3) Why is the book expensive? I have no problem with authors making an income from their hard work, but I’m curious if there are charitable causes you will be giving some of the profits to?

The book is extremely expensive to produce because it’s oversized (over 8.5 x 11 in size), contains 800 pages, uses two colors in the interior, and has a hardcover. Because we’re not printing a large quantity, the price to produce each copy is astronomical.

Profits from the book will go toward three things: (1) helping some of the poor individuals I know and am working with (2) helping some of the people I know who are seriously ill and need help with medical expenses (3) to help advance the kingdom (we are exploring various avenues for doing this before the Lord.)

4) Does the Titan go into your take on the kingdom of God at all?

Yes, it does. The kingdom is mentioned over 200 times in the Titan.

5) Frank, I’ve been on your email list for seven years and you’ve been so generous with your blog posts, articles, so many free books, the free podcast – it’s all transformed my life. Your book with Barna, Pagan Christianity, rocked my world. My wife was changed by From Eternity to Here, and I have many friends who were transformed by God’s Favorite Place on Earth. Does the new Titan delve deeper into the themes of these books?

Yes, absolutely. And a lot of it is more edgy as well. My publishers refused to publish some of the chapters in the Titan. They said, “We can’t put that in a book! It’s too controversial. It will upset too many Christians.”  Well, we’re publishing all of them in the Titan.

6) The Titan reminds me of music bands that release new albums of never-before-released songs. This is similar, right?

Yep. Perfect analogy. Although the Titan doesn’t contain my “scrap” writings. I consider the writing and the content to be among my best work.

7) I heard that the Titan is more radical than Pagan Christianity. Is that true?

I guess that depends on what you regard as “radical,” but I agree with that statement. A number of the chapters in the book were rejected by my publishers because they were too flammable.

8) I assume this enormous book won’t be on audio, but just thought I’d ask.

Correct. With over 380,000 words, it would take months just to record, and a ridiculous amount of cash to produce. So it’s just not feasible.

9) Are payments processed immediately or are they processed when the book ships?

Immediately. We expect the book to ship in October sometime, God willing. But it will get to you before Christmas. You can also order from any country.

10) I lost my job recently and really can’t afford it right now. Do you have any ideas?

Most people who can’t afford it have told family members and friends that they would like the Titan as a Christmas present (or birthday present). So others have bought it for them as a gift (remember, it will ship before Christmas).

To order the Titan at a discount, go to the Titan Order Page and check out the video and read the FAQ. The discount ends soon. (If the link doesn’t work for you, just put in your web browser.)

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