What’s the Deal with Aliens and UFOs?

One of my readers asked me to cover the subject of UFOs and aliens on this blog. I agreed. So here is what she wrote:


Some pastors have told me that if they entertain that this is real, then it would undermine their faith and everything they know to be true. I had to back off because they are asking me not to tell them this is real to me, and therefore, I leave them with their faith intact.

Other Christians have figured out how to handle this by saying that the aliens are the demons spoken of in Revelation. There are plenty of people now who openly discuss at dinner parties things they are reading about aliens coming soon to help us. (I think that is a bit crazy too!)

But seriously, in this day and age – all you have to do is go on Youtube and do search UFO with any news agency that is your favorite and get non stop reports.

Could you look into it, and compare what the different perspectives are on this phenomenon? I think to simply say, “I don’t believe in it” isn’t going to fly for people of faith anymore. They are going to want answers, or at least, dialogue that doesn’t make them feel ashamed that they are starting to wonder themselves by all the accounts that people are experiencing first hand.

I’m no expert on this subject, so I’m throwing it out to my educated readers. I want to hear your thoughts.

Are aliens are real? And if so, how does that comport with the Christian faith and Scripture?

I only have one opinion on this subject at the present time: If there’s intelligent life on other planets, and they need a Redeemer, then Jesus of Nazareth is it!!!


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