Progressives, Poverty, and Economic Freedom

It’s increasingly vital that the evangelical community’s increasing heart for the poor (a wonderful development) is not derailed by progressivism.  It is simply not the case that socialism is at all good for the poor that it purports to help.

The problem, as I’ve noted elsewhere, is that progressives speak the language of compassion, while conservatives often speak the language of prosperity.  But perhaps educational tools like this will help:

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    Wow, I did not know this. It is great information and insight on how the future of this country could go and is heading, because of the decline in production of products and material goods we give most of our jobs to overseas and our poverty level is going up i know i did volunteer work for two food pantries and even social workers come to get their monthly food and those who do not fit the monthly come to a friends house for groceries that are mostly out dated from the local stores.These are people that work and find it hard to keep up with the rising economy and gasoline prices, my thoughts have been all this Spring and summer,”What are the very poor going to do this winter with the cost of fuel? how many will freeze in their apartments or in their cars because of poor housing and banks that foreclose on you if you loose your jobs after being a faithful customer for years. There is so much more to all this that people’s heads would blow off their shoulders if they really knew what is going to happen if it gets worst, i love my country but i put allot into it that i don’t want to hear”You have the duty to die” No that’s not what i want to hear or see. Chaplain Nancy Dalrymple