The Ferguson Report Reminds Me Why I Became a Conservative

The Ferguson Report Reminds Me Why I Became a Conservative March 17, 2015
Activists Protest For Justice After Police Shootings
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  • Sven2547

    Because of this experience, I often shudder when I hear conservatives extolling the virtues of “local control” or “local authorities” — as if local officials are somehow inherently more virtuous than the feds.

    A point I was going to raise when I saw the title of this piece. Most of the greatest abuses of human rights in American history have been at the local and state levels, with the federal government stepping in, at great pushback from conservatives, to clean up the mess. This trend continues today.

    There are two major exceptions: the internment of Japanese-Americans and the destruction of Native American lives and culture were primarily conducted by the federal government.