Me on the 700 Club — Talking About Religious Liberty in the Military

A face made for radio:

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  • An Anabaptist

    First, I commend you for still being able to take Pat Robertson seriously. You are a better man than I.

    Second, your concluding statement is stunning: “religious liberty and faith is a critical part of the warrior ethos.” Even in the just war tradition (which I don’t hold, but assume you do), how can you defend this? Perhaps I’m foolish to try and engage in dialogue with you, since your “about the French Revolution” description shows me that my sentimental pacifist regard for the Jesus ethos probably won’t get very far.

    Finally, perhaps we Anabaptists will have the last laugh (or cry, as it may be) in this situation: if you don’t want to be worried about the military or the government constricting your religious freedoms, perhaps you shouldn’t work for them :)