Evangelicals for Mitt: The Full Page Ad

With the South Carolina primary reaching levels of near-insanity, Nancy and I surveyed this scene and said, “This primary contesting is missing just one thing: A full-page ad from the co-founders of Evangelicals for Mitt.”

With the primary two days away — and with our new book out — we wanted to let South Carolinians know they could read the true story of Mitt and Ann’s faithfulness and integrity.  We took bought a full-page ad for our book in South Carolina’s largest-circulation newspaper.  This ad runs tomorrow, the day before the primary.  Tell us what you think.  (And buy the book here!)


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  • Brad

    I voted early today. Mitt may be the safe candidate but I’m questioning his ability to rally the troops against a proven media-annointed superstar. Esp one with the media in his hip pocket.

  • Larry

    This reminds me of the “King-Making” charges leveled against the Texas group which met recently to crown Santorum. I’m a Christian and I find nothing appealing … only appalling … about Mitt’s candidacy.

    The claim is as misleading as it is hubristic. Sadly, that finds it in perfect alignment with Team Romney’s campaign tactics.

  • Steve

    It is a shame that a person must be justified based upon the tenants of their belief in a land that was founded upon plurality. There is no religious test in the Constitution of the United States to qualify one for office. Only that one should “swear” or “affirm” that they will support and defend the constitution against ALL that conspire to undermine this great land.

    Too bad for us that so many cast our votes based upon self-perceived piety rather than proven experience and character. It is wrong to demean Gov. Romney for his dedication to his family and his faith in God and country.

  • Bill S.

    Such great folks, Mormons. Maybe I should give that Book of Mormon a second look. Those missionaries might have something to say.

    The Mormon Church is loving this. As are those Mormon boys with eyes for your daughters.

  • Green Eyeshades

    Why is it misleading, Larry, because you say so? Have you even read their book? Seems to me the only one being hubristic is you, but I wouldn’t want to confuse you with the facts when your mind is already made up.

  • Green Eyeshades

    Right Bill, because everyone knows how much sway the President has over the religious preferences of the undereducated masses. Why the Evangelical churches were practically empty when JFK was president because we were all in Catholic mass and when Dub Ya was president, the Mormon church practically went out of existence because he was so charismatic (or is it Charismatic?).

    If you spent half as much time worrying about getting someone in office who could turn this economy around as you do other people’s daughters maybe you would actually turn out to be a benefit to society instead of just a bigot.

  • Mark

    These posters ought to fork out the $2.95 and actually read the book before venting…or at least peruse the EFM website & review each specific point of contwention…instead of apparently just swallowing Gov. Romney’s opponents’ talking points verbatum.
    If a Christian believes Santorum or Gingrich would be a better president, so be it…but I hate to see fellow born-again believers go off on the ‘can’t vote for a Mormon’ or the patently false ‘Mass. Moderate’ tangent.
    Mitt would defend our own values…morally, spiritually, financially, socially, miritarily…as well as or better than any other candidate running.
    Voting for Mitt is going to lead to Baptist & Methodist girls falling for Mormon missionaries? Ummm…OOOkay….That’s like Ron Paul & Pres. Obama’s argument that a weaker military will make rogue nations leave us alone!

  • Sam

    For those of you who are under the impression that Mormons see this as great advertisement for the church you might be interested to read the following

    As a mormon myself, we went to church as per normal and the Bishop read a statement from the pulpit, to this effect ( I cant remember the exact words) “The Church encourages all it members to be actively inlvolved in the community and in the political system and encourages all to vote with their best conscience with the candidate of their choosing. The LDS church does not endorse any candidate or political party.”

    Of course Mormons are enjoying the process, however it isnt a given that all Mormons will be voting for Mitt based on religious beliefs alone.

    In response to Bill, Mormon missionaries wont be trying to cash in by looking at your daughters, its quite offensive to thinks so, its as ignorant as saying that Nunns would have an eye on single men when Kennedy ran for office.

  • Bill S.

    And I just love that cover illustration. Mitt Romney under the cross. Mormons are Christians, isn’t that what they say?

  • Bill S.

    I suppose you must think the New Testament to be a hate-filled rant. I’m just saying that I’m uneasy voting for a man who thinks he’s going to be God. The New Testament goes a little bit further: Mitt Romney should burn in Hell for his heresies.

    But let’s just forget that. After all, it’s become politically inconvenient. Let’s instead publish a book and pay for a full page ad portraying Mitt Romney under the cross.

  • Mary

    Yes, Mormons say that they are Christians…because a Christian is a follower of Christ. To decide whether or not someone else is allowed to be a follower of Christ isn’t very Christ-like…is it Bill?

  • Green Eyeshades

    Actually, I don’t think the New Testament to be a hate filled rant, I just think your interpretation of it makes you a hate filled ranter, and a bigot.

  • Bill S.

    I suppose I would be upset too, if I were a Mormon.

    Jesus said the road was narrow. Does that make him a hate filled ranter and bigot? Perhaps he just cared.

  • Larry

    Simply this … Some Christians Choose Mitt … a majority do not. Rather simple.

  • Bill S.

    As it turns out, Christians choose Newt Gingrich. Go figure.

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