Newt Accused Clinton of “Decadence,” Evoking “Jerry Springer,” and Creating “Tabloid Headlines”

Univision’s talented Jorge Ramos asked Newt Gingrich a great question in an interview released yesterday:

RAMOS: When you were Speaker of the House, you criticized President Clinton for having an extramarital affair.

GINGRICH: No, I criticized him for lying under oath in front of a federal judge, for committing perjury, which is a felony for which normal people go to jail.

However, that’s not quite true.  In a commentary for a conservative publication, he seemed to go much further than merely critiquing Clinton’s perjury.

In the May 22, 1998 Human Events, he wrote that President Clinton had degraded the presidency to “a level of disrespect and decadence that should appall every American.”

He also said the American presidency was globally perceived as a “rough equivalent of the Jerry Springer show.”

He went on to say that the “tabloid headlines” cause Americans to lose further trust in the government and the rule of law.

In other words, Newt didn’t limit his criticism surrounding the terrible Lewinsky affair to Clinton’s perjury.  So, the growing list of Newt’s lies keeps growing at an alarming rate.  Who is surprised?  Not Jackie Battley, his former high school geometry teacher whom he married in 1962.  Not Marianne Ginther, whom he married in 1981.

Come on, American women voters. Let’s take a stand against this.

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  • CC

    Just a question. Isn’t it time we took a harder look at the current Mrs Gingrich and ask ourselves if she it the type of woman who will be respect to the White House? It takes two people to cheat – the husband and the other woman.
    Frankly, I’d be embarrassed to have someone who is blatantly disrespectful of another woman’s marriage representing America to the world.

    • CC

      Should have said “bring respect to the White House”. Hate it when I forget to proof-read.

  • Jim Tills

    It is getting tiresome to hear lie after lie being enunciated by Gingrich. The sooner he drops out of the race and stops discrediting himself, the Republican Party, and the entire electoral process, the better.
    He sounds so good and some of his ideas are doable. However, his hypocrisy, his sordid moral values, his changing of wives, of religions, and of ideology, are all indicative of an untrustworthy person and far beneath the dignity of a person who should be the leader of the free world.

    I dread the thought of having a seductress mistress who violated the sanctity of another woman’s marriage for six years sitting in the high profile position of First Lady of the United States. The Office of President has been impugned before by other men of vile degenerate practices (ie. the worst being William Jefferson Clinton) but never before have we had a woman of known sexual proclivity so close to being openly hailed as First Lady. It would be a travesty on virtuous womanhood and degrade the White House and US leadership in the eyes of the entire world.

  • fuster

    well done, NF