If You’re An Evangelical Who Doesn’t Like Mormons, You Should Still Be Outraged At This

Buckle your seat belts, evangelical friends. Noah Glyn points out that the mainstream media is suddenly very interested in religion. Last night, here’s some interesting footage from MSNBC. Noah writes:

MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell attacked Mitt Romney, Mormonism, and Joseph Smith. According to O’Donnell, Smith only created Mormonism to justify his lax sexual mores.

Watch the clip. And apparently, O’Donnell’s done it before. This second clip, apparently filmed after Gov. Romney’s excellent “Faith in America” speech, is from The McLaughlin Group in 2007. Notice that when O’Donnell is asked if he’s a Christian, he doesn’t respond and instead scathingly refers to Mormonism a “racist” and a “pro-slavery” religion.

But before you Christians start feeling smug about Mormonism finally getting its due, take a moment to consider what you’re doing. As Charles wrote once after the Washington Post ridiculed Michele Bachmann:

“… the mainstream media and the left – whoops, I repeat myself – see no difference between what many evangelicals regard as the Bible’s truth and the teachings of Mormonism. If we support the idea that you can paint some ‘conservative’ faith communities as simply beyond the pale, they’ll do the same to us before we even get out the first five words of our explanation of submission or sin offerings. That’s what they’re trying to do right now to Rep. Bachmann, and when we attack Mormons as too kooky to be president, we aid and abet them–not because there really is no difference between our beliefs and theirs, but because the soundbite war in the midst of a presidential campaign isn’t the right place to have that conversation.”

As more evangelicals are coming around to support Gov. Romney as the “ABO” candidate but still have hesitation about his religion, it bears repeating.

You do not have to hold hands with Mormons, sing kumbayah, and adapt a “we’re all the same” mentality to support Gov. Romney for President. You just don’t. You can maintain that they are wrong theologically. (Guess what? They think you’re wrong too, or they’d be Baptist.) However, here’s the part you must not miss.

If you are an evangelical who doesn’t like Mormons, then it turns out you’ve got a lot in common with Democrats. David unpacked this before pretty well:

At Commentary, Jonathan Tobin breaks down a recent Gallup Poll showing that 22 percent of Americans won’t vote for a Mormon:

Still, in an era when religious pluralism is an unquestioned element of American culture, it is somewhat baffling that Mormons remain the object of hate. Some may put it down to the rigid beliefs of conservative evangelicals who think Mormons are not Christians, but considering the rude treatment the Mormons have gotten on both Broadway and HBO, it must be considered that some sophisticated liberals may be among the prejudiced 22 percent Gallup has discovered. Indeed, the survey says 27 percent of Democrats said they would not vote for a Mormon as opposed to only 18 percent of Republicans and 19 percent of Independents. All of which goes to show when it comes to religious bias, so-called liberals may turn out to be less tolerant than conservatives.

This is unquestionably true. Secular leftists are often quite religious in their zeal to attack traditional values, and I’d say that they have Mormons in their crosshairs in large part because they’re quite effective in defending our culture. After all, there’s only 6 million Mormons in America, yet the media Left — from HBO to PBS to Broadway — has spent much of the last two election cycles flailing away at the LDS church.






In other words, the secular Left hates Mormons because they see the LDS church as a part of the same Judeo-Christian tradition we belong to; the same Judeo-Christian tradition they so despise. Noah rightly suggests on NRO not holding your breath for MSNBC’s O’Donnell to condemn any Democrats who profess Mormonism (like Harry Reid).

So what does this mean? It means that Republican people of faith are all in this together. So let’s lock arms… not to sing kumbayah in some sort of ecumenical fireside sing-a-long.

Rather, we need to lock arms as we walk, step-by-step together to reclaim our party, our culture, and The White House.

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  • Linda Peterson

    This is what the left is all about…ANTI RELIGION. What they do to the LDS Faith is what is in store for all Faiths.
    What O’Donnell fails to recognize, or purposely ignore is the fact that Joseph Smith actually ran for President on an anti-slavery platform allowing slaves to be purchased for freedom. The LDS church has been anti-slavery from the get-go. Perhaps he should talk to some of the current Black members of the LDS church… Gladys Knight, Thurl Bailey …

  • Steven

    Nancy, I applaud you for standing up for Freedom of Religion, for promoting the respect of other religions different from one’s own, and for pointing out that, really, we’re all in this together.

    But I would like to make sure everyone knows, that O’Donnell’s comments have so blatantly and grotesquely twisted the truth, it makes me sick. The truth can be understood best from the source — going to Mormon.org is a great start. :-)

    To those who don’t believe that Mormonism is true — At the very least, recognize the need for respectful and truthful dialog! I’m sure you hate it when the Left twists the truth about Pro-Life arguments, or about Same-Sex Marriage, or various Conservative leaders’ character. Imagine how you would feel if the same was done about what you hold dear, your Faith and your virtue.

    Take the high road, learn the facts, and keep the dialog truthful and respectful! Remember, we’re on the same team!

    You know, I’m a Mormon, and when I meet Evangelical Christians, I think they’re cool. I think of us as very much the same, with so many common ideals and common beliefs. I hope one day that feeling can be, more often than not, a mutual one.

  • http://floridaconservative.wordpress.com Gregory Lee

    Theologically, Christians don’t agree much. Catholics don’t believe Protestant ministers have Priesthood authority, Baptists don’t believe in modern prophets, and Mormons don’t believe the Pope is the vicar of Christ on Earth.

    Culturally, however, there’s a lot of common ground. The sanctity of life, marriage, and families in a social context far outweigh disagreements on Christian theology. The shared fight for religious freedom against the secularism of modern society dwarfs the interpretation of holy writ. Men should simply be free to worship how, where, and what they may.

  • Kay

    Did you know that some active mormons are also democrats? I don’t know why but it is true. It may have something to do with the period of time in Utah when Church authorities were trying to make peace with non LDS living among. They went to each family and talked to them to encourage these people to support a variety of public opinion in order to live with the neighbors.

  • Karrie

    I can’t believe how many times he is wrong in these videos

  • Paul Johnson

    As a pro-Mitt Mormon, I applaud your article Nancy. We have much more in common than we have different. And as the founding fathers would have said, if we don’t all stand together we may very well hang separately, at least metaphorically. I believe we can all unite against anti-religious sentiment of all kinds, and against having a very, very liberal man in the White House.

  • apollo

    And when the University of Washington hired a (***gasp***) Mormon to run the university, the entire city came out as if the university had blasphemed the unpardonable sin, said the unforgivable word or whatever…days and weeks of comments, letters and bashing that a conservative, that a mormon, that a person of faith would be leading this bastion of tolerance and free-thinking…

    Think about that. He was hired to do a job, but they want to deny him the ability to work because of his faith. Will you be next?

  • Uaintdown

    very interesting account of Mormon history (read false) by O’Donnell. I guess when all else fails, then attack Romney’s religion by attributing a false account?

  • Rick

    As a Mormon, I would have no problem voting for an evangelical, and I defend them when they are attacked by the left.

    As far as Mr. O’Donnell, he’s a bigot. He’s been spewing this kind of hate abd falsehoods against my religion (and other religions) for years. What he said in those videos is completely false. This is why I refuse to listen to MSNBC.

  • Joseph

    Well said, Nancy. There is no doubt in my mind the majority of the vitriol against Mormonism is coming from the Left. In short, Evangelicals who stay home and don’t vote for Mitt simply because he’s Mormon are playing right into the Democrats strategy.

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  • Michael Comer

    What a hateful idiot! One of the reasons the Mormons were disliked and eventually run out of Missouri is because of their pro-abolition ideas.

  • Todd

    It’s unfortunate that O’Donnell spews out lies and hate, and it’s even worse that his managers, co-workers, and viewers are willing to tolerate his rants. Apparently they think that hate-speech and slander is not “crossing the line” as long as it is is not against them.

    By the way, isn’t it a little bit ridiculous for these TV pundits to have discussions about LDS religion and not include anyone who is LDS?

    Thank you for your great web site and for your relentless and reasoned defense of freedom of religion.

  • Roert Thomas

    I just want to thank you for your support of Mitt Romney. This post has made me sick and I know you should feel saddened y what you read. It is so terrible that a man or woman should be asked to defend something where it cannot be proved or disproved is akin to me saying Obama is not an American natural born citizen. What do I know. Look what can not be proven with the modern records and programs that reach back to 1960′s. This is tragic and it has just begun as we see BHO suddenly interested in religion. By election day, it wont surprise me to see him with a ministerial degree! Being a history buff, I would like to share that polygamy was a moral answer to mobs killing men and leaving wife and children to fend for themselves and sheltered by well intended families where adultry occured. Their marriages were authorized to prevent sin as a cause an effect of murder by others. Persicution exploded when Mormons were aptizing Black and Indians on the frontier and trading with them!

  • Laura

    O’Donnell seems to think if he says his lies louder maybe they will be true. Pretty much everything he said is untrue. I can’t believe he is still employed! If he had said things like that about Muslims, he would have been fired.

  • Breeze

    I was so angered by the vitriol of O’Donnel’s words I could hardly calm down. He attacked with such hatred. You’re right if you attack one religion it’s the same as attacking all religions. However, I fear that by putting this out there on the web that it will only feed the hatred of others but maybe I’m wrong. My question is, “will it hurt more than it will help?”

  • David

    Hi Nancy,

    Heh, not sure if what I’m about to write will make sense or not- but as a member of the church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints I want to thank you for defending us as a people. Writers like you making their voice heard in the mainstream make me feel safe.

  • James Madison

    Actually, it was so Utah could become a state. It was heavily democrat back in the late 1800′s and it was required by congress that it present a 2-party system before it could become a state. So, at General Conference, half were made democrats, and the other half republicans. Most still voted democrat until the democrats left real conservatism.

  • James Madison

    Whatever college O’Donnell went to should have it’s credentials challenged. Anyone who could believe the crap he is spewing is so far off it makes me question what education he has been receiving.

  • Cody

    I do not have a lot of time to correctly articulate my gratitude for what you have done and continue to do for Mitt Romney and freedom of religion everywhere. As a devote member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints I have increasingly felt like a persecuted stranger in my own community and country. Not only have complete lies been told about my religious beliefs but the hate I have read, seen and heard is beyond comprehension. All I can say is thank you for your continues efforts from the bottom of my heart.

  • http://www.NancyFrench.com Nancy French

    Thanks, David. It makes sense. :)

  • http://www.NancyFrench.com Nancy French

    Thanks, Cody — we’re all in this together!

  • http://www.NancyFrench.com Nancy French

    I don’t know, Breeze — it’s already “out there,” since it was on MSNBC. I think the answer to bad speech is more — and better — speech. And I think it can be helpful to see what we’re up against.

  • http://www.NancyFrench.com Nancy French

    “By the way, isn’t it a little bit ridiculous for these TV pundits to have discussions about LDS religion and not include anyone who is LDS?”

    Um… yeah. It’s terrible.

  • Ray Blevins

    But he works for that great NBC network, you know, the one that got caught with “sloppy” editing of the Trevon 911 tape. So far they have only admitted it was an error. An error in a volatile atmosphere. I guess the captain of the Titanic made an error too.
    No this smear was deliberate by O’Donnell and so was the edit of GE/NBC to curry political favor. Thank God for people of integrity like Nancy and David and the people at EFM. They will be the difference when all the smoke clears.

  • Rusty Scott

    Just a quick correction: if Joseph Smith hadn’t felt compelled to start the Mormon faith he, by his own words, most likely would have been Methodist. I’m sure some Mormons would be Baptist if they weren’t Mormons but probably not all. :) Off topic levity, but really, guys like O’Donnell and Maher have shown that they hold no regard for any of the miraculous claims of any faith and will gladly exaggerate and lie to make them sound as ridiculous as possible. Thanks for being on the front lines battling the attacks on religion from all sources regardless of the target of the attack.

  • David

    James, I’m not sure where you got your information about ‘creating’ the two party system, but you are way off. Check out this site for the actual history of Utah political parties:


    Please be careful about this kind of thing. Statements like yours can easily become fodder for the anti-Mormon bigots.

  • David

    Thanks, Nancy, for defending religion in America. I am a Mormon and have followed your site from the very beginning–always a breath of fresh air. We certainly are all in this together. Interesting, though, at 8pm, the MSNBC clip is not available on this page–could it be that they actually took it down!?

    I do have a question about the title of your post, though. I understand that Evangelicals don’t agree with our theology, but do some of them really dislike us just because we are Mormon?

  • Terry

    A Conundrum for Anti-Mormons

    (You non-LDS can sit this one out if you want.) :)

    For LDS who may read this: After “dealing” with anti-Mormons on the internet (AOL chat rooms, YouTube, and occasionally in person, etc.) on almost a daily basis for almost two decades now, I know that one more video is not going to sway very many people who watch it. The genuinely honest and tolerant folks will just shake their heads and side with LDS in our right to believe what we want to believe. A small few will, out of curiosity, investigate the video’s claims further. The “hard core” anti-Mormons (those who genuinely hate the Mormon church and the people themselves) will give it credence, unfortunately. They’ll lick their chops and find ways of using the video to their advantage–probably as a video on YouTube to diss LDS beliefs and the church in general.

    Don’t sweat it.

    Occasionally, you’ll encounter the idiots who hear or read something they deem to be “juicy” about the church, and without checking the accuracy of said juiciness, try to slam you with it.

    Ignore them.

    Trying to debate with them is like trying to teach a pig how to sing. All it will do is frustrate you and irritate the pig.

    Remember Proverbs 15:1 – “A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.” Angry replies only add fuel to the anti-Mormon attacks.

    Want to really wind the clocks of most die-hard anti-Mormons? It’s easy. Be polite, thank them for their input, tell them where they’re wrong about LDS beliefs/doctrine, then express satisfaction with the beliefs you currently have. Be sincerely genuine when you do it. For most true anti-Mormons (from my experience, anyway), that approach will completely blunt whatever argument they were trying to make, and cause them to expose their true characters. For some reason, those folks (the true anti-Mormons) just can’t stand the thought that a *gasp* Mormon would actually be polite to them and respect their right to believe whatever they want to about LDS. I’ve raised the blood pressure of more than a few anti-Mormons over the years by using that approach. When they sense that you feel genuinely sorry for them because of their intolerant attitude about LDS, that’s usually when the powder keg explodes and they expose their true selves. It’s usually not a pretty sight. Fortunately, “true” anti-Mormons (those who, as I said, genuinely hate all things Mormon, including the people) are very small in number. Most folks have shown the same respect for my beliefs as I try to show for theirs.

    I’ve made some good non-LDS friends that way.

  • Terry

    World’s Greatest “Jack-Mormons”

    David and Nancy are what was referred to in the early days of the church as “Jack Mormons”–to wit: “persons who were not a baptized members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints but who were friendly to Church members and Mormonism.” (from wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Mormon)

    Didn’t know that, did you, Nancy? :)

  • http://peoplepc.com Brenda Bamburg

    Where did you get that idea? I have read everthing I can about early doctrine in the LDS church for 35 years now! I have never read that! The Mormon church has always been activly ingaged in politics, in encouraging their people to known the constitution , the history of America, & incouraged their members of other countries to know the history where they live. They have told us to get involved , to stand up for the rights of others, to worship how where or what they may according to the dictates of their concience! Not to just join any group, just to be liked!

  • gautier

    mais chère amis américains ,normalement j,essaye de répondre en anglais lorsque les personnes qui fréquente le site est en anglais,ça s,appelle la politesse et ça montre le respect que l,on doit a toutes culture.Mais comme je suis un Français arrogant,surtout depuis que j,ai appris que la pire insulte pour un politicien américain est de parler français, je ne le fait plus. Maintenant je vais vous dire le font de ma pensé ,les élections américaine tous les 4 ans c,est un miracle(pourtant je ne crois pas en dieu).cela permet aux français de se rendre compte que la plupart des américains déteste la France et la culture française. Il me parait de plus en plus évident que nous n,avons pratiquement aucune valeurs commune .Et le plus surprenant c,est que cela me rassure .c,est pour ça que je trouve le “french bashing”formidable .au faite on ne vous la pas dit dieu n,existe pas.allez maintenant vous pouvez taper sur les français

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  • LisaJ

    Nancy, it is because of you and your husband that I am actually starting to believe that some Evangelicals are Christian. Thank you so much for your effort to heal the wounds that so many years of anti-Mormon slurs have incurred. I won’t go into my history, but I will just say that I have been subjected to a lot of hate from “Christians” because of my Mormon faith. I scoured the internet today to see the level of outrage over O’Donnell vitriol. I didn’t find it mentioned anywhere except by you. It saddens me, because I would think all people of faith would be disturbed by his words. It seems that it is still culturally okay to attack LDS.

  • David

    Here is the Google translation of gautier’s post:

    “but dear American friends, normally j, tries to answer in English when the people who frequent the site is in English, it s called courtesy and it shows the respect that we must have all culture.Mais as I am a French arrogant, especially since that day, I learned that the worst thing for an American politician is speaking French, I no longer does. Now I will tell you the make of my thought, the American elections every 4 years c, is a miracle (though I do not believe in god). It allows the French to realize that most Americans hate France and French culture. He seems increasingly clear that we don, have virtually no common values​​. C And the most surprising, is that it reassures me. C, is why I find the “french bashing” wonderful. Made to do it no not the god said, there pas.allez now you can type on French.”

    I think the poor soul has the wrong ‘French Revolution’ in mind…

  • http://www.NancyFrench.com Nancy French

    Dear Lisa, thanks for the kind words. Sorry about all that. :(

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  • Si Man

    I love this. It seems nothing in ever going to be ‘correct’ in everyone’s eyes. There are always going to be groups, individuals or belief systems that offend, create a disturbance or just plain live a normal life not bothering anybody that will draw persecution and abuse from others. I am an Englishman and by nature should have an inbuilt hatred for all things French…shame I have my own mind to decide for myself. Well said and stay all things french.

  • Maribel Sindiong

    Mr. O Donnell is so full of anger and hatred. What he said about the LDS faith were all wrong. He is a religious bigot. I hope he is not one who considers himself a Christian because if he does, then he sure is an embarrassment to all groups who call themselves Christians. If the Lord would have been in that discussion, do you think He would have liked the reckless and relentless attack on another person’s religion/faith? I think not. As far as I am concerned, it did not change my views about Mormons. It said something though about Mr. O Donnell’s character or his lack of it. I hope this kind of vitriol language is stopped. People need to practice some sort of restraint and not talk as if they are the “know it all” of someone else’s religion.

  • Tiffany Brown

    Thank you for your article and explanation of the liberal media bias against all faiths. I have been wondering if Evangelicals were getting tired of being labeled bigots by CNN and the rest. It’s subtle though. To me everytime John King broke down the voting percentages in the south, it gave the pundits another chance to talk about the “problems Evangelicals” have with the Mormon faith. Evangelicals should be outraged! They want to pit us against eachother. We have the same values. We must unite!

  • Phil

    I agree Terry. I find it helpful to direct people to clips such those below and encourage people to ask themselves: “Is this the product of a racist, bigoted, hateful, or unchristian religion?” For those still sensitive to God’s spirit the answer will be a resounding, “no!”






  • Phil

    I agree with Terry. I find it helpful to direct people to clips such those below and encourage people to ask themselves: “Is this the product of a racist, bigoted, hateful, or unchristian religion?” For those still sensitive to God’s spirit the answer will be a resounding, “no!”






  • Sharon

    I’m a history buff too, and I have never come across any information stating that polygamous marriages were the result of adultery. I’m sorry, but I think you should keep that opinion to yourself. It does little to inform and surely may prejudice.

  • Sharon

    Thank you so much Nancy! A few months ago I was googling and just happened to come across your website. It was like a breath of fresh air! I too am a Mormon, and where I live Mormons are not well liked or accepted by Evangelicals. I am a homeschooling mom and I can’t even find a Christian homeschooling group to join for my girls because the ones I looked into in our area will not allow us to join. Needless to say, I was very disappointed. The way I see it, we do have differences in belief, but we also share much in common. Certainly our shared commitment to faith, family, and morality create a bridge which should not be underestimated. With the assault by secularists in society on traditional values and family we certainly need to stand together, or we’ll all certainly fall separately.

    Thank you for standing up for religious tolerance and helping to put a good, qualified man into the highest office of trust in our nation.

    Thanks for sharing this video and for writing about it. It is comforting at least to be exposed to such a horrendous attack in the company of friends who are true Christians and will stand up with you when someone tries to knock you down.

  • Steviedore

    Well, every point that dude, Lawrence O’Donnell brought up about LDS church doctrine was wrong in the same sense that everything wrapped in plastic is poisonous. The point is not the toxic elements plastic wrapper is made from, it is what is underneath. And I will not debate the tenants of my church. If you don’t agree, it is your prerogative. If you wish to hear, you will hear it… plain and simple. No magic here.

    The foundation under and over all the fluff about the issue of a person’s religion is that, if we as Citizen’s of the United States of America, pull ourselves apart over this issue…. we are beyond redemption! Tyranny has won!

    I am neither afraid because of, nor, self conscious of my faith. I believe, and I know many better men than I have died for less. And if you are really adamant about not wanting to hear…. so be it.

    It is really hard to love those that despitefully use you…. but we have to because that is why Christ died for all of us.

  • Steviedore

    I agree, but I would never lower my belief to a mudslinging contest. Substitute, Baptist, Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian, Evangelical, Budhist, Hindu, or….. wait for it…. it’s coming….. MUSLIM!

    The truth comes from the still small voice.

    There will never be a winner in a forum like that. That was a clear example of secular anger at what anyone believes in, other than that of the one with the biggest mouth.

  • Lena Kins

    O’Donnell is “coming from the school of thought”. He has listened to others, such as Aunt Mary and Uncle Paul and so on. This is called Heresies, which God and Jesus Christ hate. So as a Early Christian named Ireneus said, All religions are trying to go to the same place. A Rev. Lynn Ridenhour a Baptist Pastor on Wikipedia, wrote that the Mormons are the only Christian Faiths that fully follow the Teachings of Jesus Christ. Now he’s a Baptist. http://www…..thebaptist—–version—–of mormonism…..com.

  • Lena Kins

    I didn’t know that either. I am trying to defend Mormonism too. People go by heresies, they don’t research and read the History of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, so they tell what they heard someone else say.

  • Lena Kins

    It is hard to be a Mormon living in the South. Mormons don’t hate the Baptist, Presbyterian, Church of God and so on. Mormons love other Religions. I live in the South and my family and friends think I am crazy to be a LDS Member. I tell you those Adversary’s of ours are listening to Heresies. A Early Christian named “Ireneus” wrote that God and Jesus Christ hate heresies. You might want to read a Rev Lynn Ridenhour, a Baptist Pastor article on Wikipedia, something about the Mormons are the “only’ religion that actually follow the Teachings of Jesus Christ.

  • Lena Kins

    It is hard to be a Mormon living in the South. Mormons don’t hate the Baptist, Presbyterian, Church of God and so on. Mormons love other Religions. I live in the South and my family and friends think I am crazy to be a LDS Member. I tell you those Adversary’s of ours are listening to Heresies. A Early Christian named “Ireneus” wrote that God and Jesus Christ hate heresies. You might want to read a Rev Lynn Ridenhour, a Baptist Pastor article on Wikipedia, something about the Mormons are the “only’ religion that actually follow the Teachings of Jesus Christ.

  • Brandon from NJ

    Linda, there are times where I literally find talking to people in general a whole lot better than trying to listen to documentary sound bites, a whole lot of which seem to often be simply cut-off at convenient points. I don’t belong to the same faith (UMC myself) but, the MSM staff know all too well that you can’t win with the true intentions, you single out individual groups one at a time, or you paint everyone with a broad brush after singling out fringe elements, like Maher did with just about everything not atheist in “Religulous”

  • Brandon from NJ

    The big issue in politics is that you aren’t voting for the preacher in chief, you are voting for the educator, and the chief contender against Congress, and yes, certainly not least, the commander-in-chief. I am not Romney’s faith, but I find it rediculous that people shoot off soundbites like Michael Moore, and expect people like me to not face everything else Romney has said and done, it’s despicable and I know it.

  • Brandon from NJ

    Actually Sharon, people who commit adultery seldom go so far as to make the commitments equivalent to marriage with their mistresses. When I mean commitments, I mean coming around to act like a father to the child. There’s a long list of people who had illegitimate children by mistresses while married, and frankly it’s a far fetch to try saying that they treated the mistress as a wife, or their child as their own child. Which leads to the fact that adultery often goes into selfish personal motives, personally, you can give the fact that at least Abraham raised his sons Ishmael, Isaac, and Midian effectively, despite the fact that all of them had different mothers, and lived in the same household. And all of these sons with different mothers most likely remembered him as a loving father to come back for his burial when he finally passed away. I am not LDS/Mormon, but this is just my two cents.

  • Brandon from NJ

    It will probably hurt to an extent, but Breeze, think of it this way, are they really doing anything to address the out of control spending? Are they really bringing up anything to admit that the president’s authority with the veto is key here to cutting down congressional spending? Are they saying anything to address the fact that this man named Romney has had the same wife for more than thirty years? Are they going into any detail on how this man named Romney took charge of the Olympics, in essence working to give a good image for the United States, and the State of Utah, in 2002?

    The fact is, they aren’t, they are dodging all the important issues for this nation as a whole, just to play to weaker biases. We all think each other to be wierd in some way, but let’s not let that get in the way of our making the right decisions, and focusing on what is really not right in the nation as a whole.

  • Brandon from NJ

    Wasn’t NBC also the ground zero for “RatherGate”? Yeah, I think it’s all coming a little full circle now.

  • Sharon

    @Brandon: I know there were numerous polygamous relationships in Biblical history. Actually, I was actually responding to Roert’s comment, “sheltered by well intended families where adultery occurred, ” as one of the reasons for polygamy in Mormon history. I am LDS and I’ve studied a lot of history (including Mormon history) and I have never come across anything like he is asserting. I should have pulled out his actual quote to make sure there was no misunderstanding.

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  • Joel Cannon

    If you want to lodge a formal complain, here is a petetion I hope you will sign.

    “Say NO to the journalistic bigotry of MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell Petition | GoPetition”

  • Grace Jones

    I was shocked at the lies Lawrence O’Donnel spewed forth on MSNBC regarding the LDS faith so went to Google and got the e-mail address of its president and wrote to him, complaining about O’Donnels disgusting statements. Guess what? The e-mail came back “Undeliverable.” I went back to Google to check to see if I had the right address, and surprise! All the MSNBC e-mail addreses had been scrubbed! That’s how you avoid criticism. Amazing.

  • Mike Owens

    A small lesson from the holocaust.

     In Germany
    They first came for the communists
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a communist.
    Then they came for the Jews,
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew.
    Then they came for the trade-unionists,
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist.
    Then they came for the Catholics,
    and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant.
    Then they came for me––
    and by that time
    no one was left to speak up.
    – Pastor Martin Niemoller, 1945

    Thank you Nancy for speaking up. I fear this is just the beginning of the avalanche of anti-Mormon rhetoric that this election will bring.