Jon Stewart Discusses Rick Santorum’s Plans Going Forward

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  • apollo

    Agreed–so Rick’s plan is to lose the nomination, divide the party and let Obama get re-elected?!?

    I agree with Joe Scarborough…Carthage. No quarter.

    • Ned

      Well, you’re missing the point, like Stewart. Santorum believes that Ford (and the GOP) lost the election BECAUSE Ford was not the more conservative candidate. And I’m not sure it is to play along with Stewart’s fallacious metaphor where Romney is Gerald Ford and Santorum is Reagan.

      That being said, let’s go Romney . . .

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  • Stephanie

    The interesting thing is, you could use a similar analogy for Romney concerning the 1976 and 1980 elections. Reagan lost in 1976 running for president to someone (Gergald Ford) who was considered more moderate, who then lost to Jimmy Carter, a very liberal candidate. Then Reagan went on to win the nomination in 1980 and won against an incumbant president during a bad economy in a landslide. Romney lost to McCain in 2008 who was considered more moderate, who then went on to lose to Obama. Now the hope is that of course Romney will wrap this nomination up and beat President Obama in a landslide during a very challenging time in our country. Also Reagan used to be more liberal in many ways and became more conservative and even switched parties when he was older (which we all know). The problem is people fail to see the similiarities between Reagan and Romney. Not that Romney was ever a democrat like Reagan, but Romney has tended to be more moderate politically in the past, more so in the 1990′s. But he’s gotten more conservative over time and he governed as a conservative of a liberal state…just like Reagan did. And I have all the confidence that Mitt Romney will govern as a pro-life, fiscal conservative as president.