Mitt Romney’s Untold Milk Story – Another Act of Kindness

Dear Friends, I’ve been so angry at Glenn Beck this political season, because he’s been so critical of and, in my opinion, rude to Gov. Romney.  (Yes, I take this personally!)

Well, you won’t believe this.  Please watch — all the way to the end — and send to others.  The “milk story” is one of the most moving stories about a politician you’ll ever hear.

America needs Mitt.  In fact, in this video Glenn Beck apologizes to Gov. Romney and even compares him to George Washington.

Have you been unenthusiastic about a Romney presidency?  Well, there’s still time for you to repent too!

Watch and share:


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  • anchan

    I have also been frustrated by Glenn Beck and many of the right wing talkers. There are many stories that speak to the genuine character of Gov. Romney, it can’t be that difficult to find them. Character really does matter in the White House, although I admit that the ability to make decisions and write good policy even trumps that. Gov. Romney has been successful in so many aspects of his life because underneath his reserve, there is a humble man who truly serves his fellow man. Isn’t that what the liberal democrat lady from his cabinet told us during the convention. She is willing to campaign for him, because she knows he is a real servant of the people.

  • laurie ryczek

    i wouldn’t worry too much about glenn beck…… he has totally changed his tune on romney. i hate to admit it, but sometimes glenn does report things mainstream media doesnt.

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  • Rachel

    Is there anywhere I can find a transcript of this? My computer doesn’t have sound, and I would REALLY love to know this story!

  • Phillip Hall

    So where can I stream, “Friday’s show”?

  • Phillip Hall

    That is my feeling to. I think Glenn Beck is a genius. He is a visionary. He is also a bit nuts and dogmatic. Got to take the good with the bad.

  • http://EvangelicalsforMitt Donna Cowan

    I just watched Glenn talk about how the media has been lying to us. Surely, there are enough of us to stand up and say enough. I believe Mitt Romney is the leader that America needs right now and he needs our help. I am a grandmother with two young grandchildren who desperately need someone to stand in the gap for them. I pray that God will give us the strength and courage to fight this battle with the media and not fall for their lies . Let us join together to get these positive stories about Mitt Romney out. That is the last thing that the left wing media wants.

  • Marita David

    Good for Romney!!! He’s my hero and loves this country …… Much different than the arrogance of making his own US flag with his own name … When are people going to figure this President out?? Pathetic!