Three Realities on September 12, 2012

First, we have learned once again that in the Middle East, weakness kills. There is no amount of tolerance, understanding, or sympathy that will appease a Muslim radical, and the radicals will indeed see that tolerance as an invitation to strike. The attacks in Egypt and Libya on September 11 — of all days — are a brazen insult to Americans infinitely greater in magnitude than any insult to Muslims from a YouTube clip. They feel free to deliver such a blow because they perceive us as weak — and because we have paid for and enabled their own radicalism.

Second, and picking up from the first point, unless and until we take extraordinary and decisive action, we can only expect the situation to grow more dangerous. Egypt’s government has yet to apologize. But why should it apologize if it can continue to equip its military on our dime while indulging and empowering its radical base? (By the way, I’m thinking we should stop using the term “radical” to describe a what is the majority mindset in the Middle East. In the Arab and Iranian Middle East, jihad is mainstream). And now the Muslim Brotherhood is calling for even more protests — at precisely the time when it should be rounding up the protestors, imprisoning them, and redoubling security around our embassy. At a minimum, we must cut all aid to Egypt unless and until they are once again an “ally” in word and deed.

Third, expect the mainstream media to grow ever more hysterical in its effort to silence Mitt Romney and shame him into passivity. In 2007 and 2008 they willingly sold us on a fantasy — that our new president could “change the tone” and heal the wound in the Middle East with the force of his identity and personality. The concept was absurd from the start, and now the extent of their folly is being revealed in the midst of a presidential campaign. Already we see the media more keen on condemning Romney for his appropriate and forceful statement last night than on investigating how two of our diplomatic compounds were breached on the same day (again, on September 11, no less).

Yesterday, I made the case for controlled and focused rage as the right response to September 11. The same principle holds true for today: Our enemies must be made to regret the day they killed Americans and attacked our embassies.

This article first appeared on National Review.

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  • jatheist

    From the article above: “expect the mainstream media to grow ever more hysterical in its effort to silence Mitt Romney and shame him into passivity.”

    Nothing could be further from the truth. The media LOVE when Romney opens his mouth and the stupidity ensues. They do ~not~ want to “silence” him.

    Are you actually praising Romney for lying to the American public about the Obama administration’s response to the tragedy? Even many of his GOP brothers are condemning his words. It was a disgrace that Romney would lie to further the narrative that Obama is a Muslim sympathizer.
    I really think this might be the last straw for Romney – he’s driving votes away with every new statement he makes. He’s a disgrace.

    • Evan Maughan

      jatheist, good to see you are following the media narrative. The one they prepared and the one the preordained all to follow. Now with that out of the way, please look at the time line again. Where did Romney “lie” about the events. Indeed the biggest problem is not for Romney but the Obama admin that is having a hard time getting their act together as to what their spin should be. They tried the “it’s the video!” meme until it has so much against it that they finally had to admit that was a planned attack in Libya and the other embassy attacks appear to have been coordinated as well. So much for Obama’s Cairo doctrine.

      As for “GOP brothers”, who? David Frum, Morning Joe, Peggy Noonan, the cry baby John Boehner – yap real stallwarts of the conservative movement. Plus they are a bit too locked into the fear of the MSM. So, if you respond, please tell me where Mitt lied and why we have to go to foreign news sources to find out what is happening in Mid East during a total meltdown while press focuses on Romney, Romney, Romney.

  • John I.

    “The media LOVE when Romney opens his mouth” – it seems to me that you are referring to something entirely different than French. He is referring to the fact that the media “silence” Romney by treating his statements with ridicule and disrespect rather than engaging them. jatheist, on the other hand, notes that Romney’s statements do get airplay. However, one can be effectively “silenced” even when being given wide “coverage” if one’s statements and beliefs are made out to be so silly as not warranting discussion.

    • jatheist

      John wrote: “…one’s statements and beliefs are made out to be so silly as not warranting discussion.”

      Perhaps someone should explain this to Romney then… calling his many statement on foreign policy “silly” is the understatement of the year! His words aren’t “made out to be” silly – they are often patently absurd! Like his comments on the Obama admin’s reaction to the tragedy 2 days ago…

      • Juan H.

        Let’s stick to truly silly statements by our current President/ his administration, not ones being spun to appear silly by the mainstream media.

        1) “The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims.”

        2) “I don’t think that we would consider them an ally, but we don’t consider them an enemy,” Obama said.

        3) “The sacrifices that our troops and our diplomats make are obviously very different from the challenges that we face here domestically, but like them, you guys are Americans who sense that we can do better than we’re doing,” he said. “I’m just really proud of you.” – Really? Campaign volunteers sacrifice the same as our troops?

        These are just from the last 48 hours. We can go back further if you like. Just let me know. Why no media coverage from the mainstream media on these ones? These are all outrageous and dwarf anything the media wants you to think Romney said.

        I much prefer a proven leader, in all facets of life, that isn’t afraid to lead without a teleprompter and pollster telling him what to do. Romney did no wrong and rightly called out the President and his failed foreign policy as the main reason for our weakness abroad.

        The polling that has been manipulated with threats of lawsuits from the President ( will not work. He has already lost his fictitious convention bounce and he will lose and lose big. The apology tour ends November 6th! He has a record and can’t run on it. He is done and boy am I glad. America will be rightly returned to her place come January 2013!

  • jatheist

    I sure hope this puts the nail in Mitt’s political coffin… and there is good evidence that it is!

    • David French

      Holy cow, someone just cited a Daily Kos story as “evidence.”

    • Evan Maughan

      I think I have been hearing “this is going to end Romney’s campaign” over and over. Each week the press tries to make a Romney statement into DOOM and yet his support is growing. Could it be the media, gasp, has an agenda!? You lefties do have one big hope, that their are more useful idiots, felons, illegals, dead people, and Disney characters then there are people who care about the future of our Republic.

  • Kullervo

    The same principle holds true for today: Our enemies must be made to regret the day they killed Americans and attacked our embassies.

    Amen. Civilized people don’t kill ambassadors, ever. Savages do.

    • Evan Maughan

      No it is best to ignore warnings, keep live ammo away from Marines in the Egyptian embassy. Don’t even allow Marines to protect our ambassador in Libya. Ignore the “3 AM” call so that you can, as POTUS, get your beauty sleep so that you can campaign fresh in Vegas. Apologize to the mobs. Condemn your opponent before you condemn those why killed our ambassador. Rip apart our belief in free speech. Apologize some more. Have your top military guy call a no name pastor and tell him to tone down his Muslim bashing. Send brown shirts to take into custody the film maker. Spend money on commercials telling Muslims how we to condemn freedom of speech. Make sure the press continues to report that it was all just a spontaneous thing that happened. Riots and attacks on 9/11… in the Mid East… who would have ever expected that?

      This campaign would be so much easier if the MSM stopped being a Super Pack for Obama.

  • Tim

    When push comes to shove we believe in the way of Constantine/Caesar over against the Way of Christ.

  • Tim

    I’m concerned that beloved child, David, has learned the wrong lessons, because his models are those who murder instead of Christ. The one who makes the movie is the same as the one who murders. The one who is hostile is no different from the one who fires the drones. The terrorist and the military applying shock and awe are living by the same retaliatory logic. The enemies are actually twins. The clash of religions reveals they are, in fact, the same religion. Both believe in salvation by violence. Even the Hebrew Bible and parts of the New Testament subscribe to this worldview. And yet, from these very scriptures and from the faith communities that authorized them and have been authorized from them, there is revealed the Lamb of God (not the Dragon of God which would be anti-Christ!) who takes away the sin of the world. Those who believe in the Dragon of God or Babylon way add to the sin of the world. We need a new kind of thinking. The word for this is repentance, metanoia. Do not be conformed to the Babylon way of thinking!

    The Bible has this trajectory, missing from the religions that are more the same than different… The time is now… Beat swords into plowshares, forge spears into pruning hooks, learn the way of peace instead of the anti-Christ way of salvation-through-violence. Otherwise, given the WMDs of the world, we all go extinct! Maranatha!

    • Evan Maughan

      Tim, seriously, get back on your medication.

    • Evan Maughan

      I think I will barrow your line “beloved child, David”. That could be fun to add to some of my posts.

  • Tim

    I meant to say parts of the Hebrew Bible above. Because it is obvious that Isaiah and others were falling under the Revelation of the nonviolent God.