The Marriage Gap: Married People Support Romney, Singles Support Obama

Hello, are you married?  No, I’m not trying to pick you up… I’m trying to determine which candidate you support!

According to a new study released today by Gallup, marriage is a significant indicator of party affiliation:

Married registered voters prefer Republican challenger Mitt Romney over Democratic President Barack Obama by 54% to 39%, according to Gallup data collected from June to August. On the other hand, nonmarried voters break strongly for the president over Romney, 56% to 35%. Marriage is a significant predictor of presidential vote choice even after income, age, race, gender, education, religiosity, region, and having minor children are statistically controlled for.

Read the rest here, though the article — sadly — doesn’t contain advice for single Republicans trying to find other conservatives to marry.

This article first appeared on National Review.

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